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Dag 1 - 17 maj

09.15-10.00 | 17 maj


Digitalization, the future's labor market and leadership

The rapid technological development forms our labor market and creates new opportunities for employment. Global trends in technology development and their consequences for companies and society will be presented as well as the new forms of organization and leadership required by future innovators.

Claudia Olsson, CEO of Exponential & appointed 
"Young Global Leader" av World Economic Forum 2017

10.30 - 11.00 | 17 maj


Continuous TPE compounding by using a co_rotating Twin Screw Extruder 

The thermoplastic elastomers represent a valid technical alternative to the traditional elastomers, thanks to their chemical and thermal properties. Their origin dates back before 1930 with the development of plasticized PVC and, after this period, this family of products bore a number of different developments in terms of formulations and applications, becoming a big family of product. The thermoplastic elastomers are normally produced through a continuous process that uses a co-rotating twin-screw extruder. MARIS manufacture this type of extruders also for these applications and know the problems that can arise producing TPE. As for the TPV, for which MARIS made a study during the support trials for a Customer, by evaluating the effects of the process parameters on the quality of the final product. 

Gallo Alessandro, R&D Specialist, F.lli MARIS S.p.A.

*This seminar will be held in english

11.30am -12.15pm | 17 of May


Plastic in a sustainable society

Paneldiscussion moderaded of Leif Nilsson, chairman of the Swedish Plastic Industry, SPIF

Leif Karlsson, CEO Swerec
Kent Carlsson, CEO FTI
Karl Tibratt, CEO Nordiska Plast
Håkan Westergaard, CEO Miljösäck AB and a politician
Ellen Lindblad, Project leader, Sysav

13.00-13.30 | 17 maj

Competence for increased competence provision

Big customers of the plastic industry such as Volvo and
Scania is increasingly turning to Germany to find
subcontractors. Why is that and how can we e able to
meet the competition? In a new investigation IKEM
has identified that the lack of material knowledge is
one of the reasons that bigger customers turning abroad.
In this seminar we will tell you how we work
to meet the plastic industry need of competence. 

Jonas Hagelqvist, CEO IKEM & Greta Hjortzberg,
Responsible for
 competence provision IKEM.

1.35 -2 pm | 17 of May


Announcement of the nominees for the prestigious Swedish Plastics Industry Awards 2017 with SPIF

Anna Winblad von Walter presents the nominees for the awards ceremony in the Swedish Plastics Industry Awards 2017. A gala dinner will be held on the evening of the 17th, where the winners of each category will be announced - don't miss out!

2.10-2.40pm | 17 of May

Bjarne & Aake

What is bioplastic, why bioplastic, what properties do they have and where are they being used

The development of bioplastics is fast and the questions are many. Members of Nordiska Bioplastföreningen presents a few short presentations about the organization and materials. The intention is to inform about plastics based on renewable raw materials and thus are an important part of our efforts towards a sustainable society. Bioplastics are the future of plastics and the interest and usage is increasing rapidly.

Bioplastics are already playing an important role in packaging, agriculture, gastronomy, consumer electronics and automotive, just to name a few various sectors. Bioplastics are usually used to manufacture products with a short lifetime, including film, catering products, packaging and waste bags, but as technological advances are made, more and more long-lasting products are also manufactured with these materials. For example, parts of keyboards, cell phone covers and some parts in the automotive industry.

The interest in, and use of bioplastics is growing rapidly, but it is also a new area that creates many questions. Nordiska Bioplastföreningen want to try to straighten out as many question marks as possible.

Bjarne Högström, vd, FkuR & Åke Rosén, vd, GAIA

15.00-15.30 | 17 maj

Dynamisk længdemetrologi i en

Innovativt projekt (Accurate Manufacture) mellem
DTU Mekanik, Metrologic og LEGO, understøttes af
Innovationsfonden i Danmark, skal reducere måletiden
ved brug af simple kompensationsformler 
baseret på
avancerede computersimuleringer, hvilket 
vil sikre, at især Plastindustrien kan opnå:

  • Pålidelige og sporbare dimensionsmålinger direkte
    ved produktionslinjen 
  • Bedre statistisk styring af processen (SPC) 
  • Hurtig korrektion og optimering af procesparametrene.   

I foredraget præsenteres baggrunden for konceptet
"dynamisk længdemetrologi" og efterfølgende vises 
eksempler på anvendelse af metodikken i et produktionsnært

Jesper Hattel, Professor, PhD, Head of section for
Manufacturing Engineering, Department of Mechanical
Engineering, DTU
Jørgen Meinertz, Director, Production Engineering,
Metrologic ApS

16.00-17.00 | 17 maj

Olof Röhlander

How to enjoy life - and still get things done! + book signing

  • Stop crossing your fingers, begin to take action!
  • A lot on the table - what?
  • Humor as problem solving method
  • Resistance as fuel
  • Enjoy work - the new success words

Olof Röhlander, award winning professional lecturer, educator, licensed mental trainer and certified coach

Dag 2 - 18 maj

09.30-10.00 | 18 maj

Lena Lundberg

How do we turn the new trend to get rid of plastic?

Today plastic has an imageproblem and many of us is trying
to get rid of plastic. But what is the reason behind the
campaign against plastic? How can we response
 misunderstandings and myths about plastic? During this
seminar we will discuss the questions of how we can
re-create the confidence of plastic.

Lena Lundberg, responsible plastic commodities
questions IKEM 

10.30-11.00 | 18 maj

Bryan Morris

Semi-Crystalline Engineering Polymers: Harnessing the
benefits for better design

It is immensely satisfying when you pull off a complicated
recipe and the same goes for designing parts in
semi-crystalline polymers. With the right application
 knowledge, the right process, and the right material, it can
be surprisingly effective. But approaching the design and
worrying about how to make it as an afterthought will
inevitably lead to trouble. Worst still, making simple errors
(that could be so easily corrected early on) can lead to
costly mistakes, and or dissatisfaction with the results.

Bryan Morris, Industrial Designer, DuPont Performance

*This seminar is held in english


11.30-12.00 | 18 maj


Plastindustrien anno 2017: Fra farlig skurk til fænomenal samarbejdspartner

Hvordan sikrer vi, at omverdenen ser mere positivt på
vores materiale og på vores virksomheder? Plastindustrien
har netop lanceret en ny strategi, og brancheforeningens
adm. direktør Thomas Drustrup løfter sløret for hvilke
aktiviteter og virksomhedsinitiativer inden for områderne
uddannelse, miljø, innovation og kommunikation, der
kommer til at præge dagsordenen i de kommende år.
Kom og giv dit bud på, hvordan du og din virksomhed kan
bidrage til at positionere plastbranchen som en del af
løsningen på nutidens og fremtidens udfordringer.

Thomas Drustrup, adm. direktør, The Danish Plastics Federation,

13.00-13.30 | 18 maj


Employee driven production improvements

Its generally considered to be at major undertaking to implement changes to any kind of organisation. Especially changes to work procedures are hard to push into the processes in the production.We have experienced something in our opinion quite remarkable, and we simply want to tell that story."Placing a football somewhere and just leaving it there..  Eventually someone will kick it"Self driven process improvement may not be as impossible as it sounds. Speaking in general terms We want to tell listeners about this experience and why management should not fear the reaction from the workers. The trick is to actually listen to the demand and starting out simple.

Johnny Koch Petersen, CEO, envìo ApS

*This seminar is held in english

14.00-14.30 | 18 maj


Extrusion - how to create increased production capacity 

  • Practical examples of extrusion
  • Tool Design for better properties and tolerances
  • Kylkalibrering and equipment for optimized extrusion

Sven-Olof Bergman, VD, Bergman Plast

15.00-15.30 | 18 maj


Plastform - en digital plattform för spillmaterial

Elin Önnevall, forskare & projektledare, Annelise de Jong, senior forskare från RiSE and Anna Winblad von Walter, SPIF

Programmet præsenteres af og i samarbejde med