Warning against Expo Guide exhibitors' directory

Unofficial exhibitor lists are a repeated source of irritation among events organisers and exhibitors. While in the past it was the activities of Construct Data AG which were a cause for complaint among exhibitors, now it is the Mexican company "Commercial Online Manuals S de RL de CV". 
This company sent out an enormous number of offer forms for its Expo Guide to exhibitors at trade shows. The form is laid out in such a way that it is easy for an exhibitor to draw the erroneous conclusion that the offer is for a free entry in the official list of exhibitors published by the event's organisers. In reality, it is stated in the small print that the entry is at a high cost.

We would like to point out that these companies and their exhibitor directories have no relationship with the Easyfairs Germany GmbH, Easyfairs Switzerland GmbH and the exhibitions organized by us. 

Please exercise caution before signing forms of this nature.

Should you already have mistakenly signed the form then you should revoke the contract as quickly as possible or respond with a declaration of rescission due to mistake.