Largest network of industry trade shows in the field of maintenance

Maintenance is THE factor of success. Only who is ascertaining productions flows, quality, and innovation will remain competitive and be capable of development. The recipe for success is: maintaining your success.

In Europe, trade fair organizer Easyfairs is offering the largest network of industrial trade shows in the field of maintenance. No matter if it is regional, national, or international: everything from one source – the maintenance series.

It contains maintenance-fairs at different, economically relevant sites and carries a unique concept with itself:

Visitors and exhibitors are able to dip deeply into regional markets and at the same time – through maintenance series – open new economic areas and target audiences.

maintenance series at DACH:

Therefore, maintenance series has a clear pioneering role: it is, outside boundaries, pooling THE meeting areas for all relevant users and providers of industrials maintenance. Additionally, it is offering an international network for business and transfer of knowledge.


Germany 2019

maintenance Dortmund 2019
M plus R Dortmund 2019
Pumps & Valves Dortmund 2019

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