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  • A Secret is Coming After You

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  • Starting From Next Week We Will Have a Dedicate Forum for Q & A

    Starting from next week we will providing a new way through the industry to learn more, exchange topics, share business ideas and their business experience. Also providing the capability to sell your product or for you to buy a new product such as laser hair removal machines.

    Our community platform will enable your business to open new opportunities and business partnerships. You have a chance to receive all the answers to your questions not only from a single team but from the whole industry.

    Features List:

    -You will have the capability to create new topics and posts inside the community.

    -You will have the access to post questions and receive answers from the whole industry and engage in new topics and structures related to your business.

    -To connect with existing and new business owners where you have the opportunity to share similar problems the business may face an find solutions together.

    The community will be known as Everybody knows Everybody. Here you will be able to connect with different businesses, create partnerships, create better ways of managing the businesses.

    Click the link below to access:


  • The Family That Keeps on Growing: Welcome to the ClinicSoftware.com Family

    ClinicSoftware.com is proud to announce its expansion into the hair and spa management industries. We will be providing services for both sectors maximising company exposure to all service lead industries.

    We will be tailoring our software to both Hair Salons and Spa Management.

    Click the links below to check our new websites!



  • Video Testimonials

    What Our Customers Say About Us

    Designed To Save You Time, Designed To Make You More Money, Designed For You. Real-Time Full Control.
    It Is Time To Take Control Of Your Business.

    Don’t just take our word for it, check out our own testimonial videos below to see and hear what existing customers think.

    The Ultimate Clinic Software. Clinic Software Is A Complete Up-to-Date Software That Takes Care Of Every Single Aspect Of Running Your Business.

    We offer 100+ Features for a total management.

    Read On To Learn Why We’re Loved By Clinic Owners And All Our Customers. Managing just one or hundreds of professionals is easy!

    We Offer More Than Just A Software. Make your Clinic more profitable. Make your Clinic more efficient! Make the most of your time!


  • How We Provide Training

    We Provide First Class Professional Support!

    We are Local! Located in the heart of the city in London Liverpool Street

    We provide help and support via:
    Online: Using Skype, Our ID - ClinicSoftware.com
    Online: Webinar - www.Join.me/ClinicSoftware
    Email: contact@ClinicSoftware.com
    Ticketing System: Open ticket, set up priority, upload file, receive answer.
    In person at your business address: We came over to you.


  • Migrate to Clinic Software

    Considering switching to Clinic Software® ?
    Let us handle the migration for you.

    We offer two free migration options

    Quick Migration
    We'll import your contacts for you and we'll rebuild a single automation workflow for you. Average turnaround time is 3-5 business days.

    Structured Migration
    We'll import your contacts, services and courses, and build your consent forms.
    Average turnaround time is 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity and number of workflows to be rebuilt.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    How long will my migration take?
    We complete migrations as quickly as possible. The complexity of your migration (and our current volume) will determine the timeframe. After you submit your migration request we will contact you by email to work out an estimate.

    What if there are differences in functionality between providers?
    In instances when there isn't perfectly analogous functionality, we'll make note of those differences so you're aware of any changes. If you're wondering about specific features and functionality, feel free to ask our support team if that will be included in the migration.

    Is there anything you can't or won't migrate?

    Our Expert Migration service does not include custom coding so, for instance, if you have functionality that needs to be ported submit your request and we will contact you by email.

    I want to do my migration myself, do you have any resources to help me?
    Yes, we can provide you with a comprehensive migration guide and assist you in migrating your data.


  • How to Grow Your Business

    The Industry has changed the game for small businesses. The right technology can turn a company from a small business player in an industry to a major threat to established enterprise companies. Organising, supporting, and enabling a small business with a software solution like ClinicSoftware.com can help that next level well and propagate the selling power previously reserved only for big companies with big teams of developers in house and a other different software with different tasks and people.

    Let’s take a look at the few ways ClinicSoftware.com gives small companies big business power:
    • All Tools in One Place
    • Grow your Business
    • Reports as You Need Them
    • Grow your Productivity
    • Tablet Consent Forms
    • Online Booking fully responsive and & Mobile

    We will show you couple of possibilities for how ClinicSoftware.com can help companies and appointment-based businesses of any industry and size such as clinics, spas and beauty salons.

    Companies begin with a classic relationship of Business to consumer (B2C) - very simple. If the company is young it might be fine to only maintain paper notes about your customers, sales and incoming orders, but as the number of customers grows this specific type of record/keeping can't answer to your needs to move to the next level with your business. As you probably know and see with your business: There aren’t enough hours in the day, There aren’t enough days in the week. There aren’t enough weeks in the month to do everything you have in plan. Honestly at the end of the day, time is money.

    The more efficiently employee use their time, the great the results are to your business daily sales.


  • Expanding Your Company

    Companies size expand faster by keeping a perfect flow of new customers and investing more time booking, as well as providing with all the information they need to book the next appointments. This is where ClinicSoftware.com is necessary.

    Finding time to create a flow of new customers and new appointments is a challenge for any team.
    This is often caused by some of the following problems:
    - Not enough information on potential and existing customers
    - Not enough history about existing customers, their appointments, their purchase history and their preferences
    - No reports and forecasting of future business
    - No texts and email auto-reminders for their appointments
    - No real-time online-booking, not available 24/7
    - No marketing for monthly special offers
    - No sales cycle

    ClinicSoftware.com allows your team to book and manage appointments, payments, products, reminders, marketing and all the data about customers profile so the information’s available in real time at each interaction. Plus, it quickly provides access to the reports related to appointments, sales and forecasting.

    Your team need time to take bookings.The receptionist would not be able to take more than one or maximum two phone call appointments in the same time even if another customer is waiting at the reception or other tasks to do.

    Here's how you can fix this easily:
    - Saving time is a big challenge for a professional team, but surprisingly using the software with a pc, tablet and smart-phone as a part of the regular work-flow can eliminate downtime and save a lot of time.
    - Open your business to new appointments opportunities 24/7/365.