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Plasma Pen By Louise Walsh International

Plasma Pen By Louise Walsh International


PR8 3HW Southport
United Kingdom


Combining a 30 year pedigree at the top of beauty with an international manufacturing, sales & distribution network, technicians in >50 countries and Plasma Academies & Master Trainers worldwide - Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International manufacture, retail & train new practitioners to use the world’s most advanced suite of non-invasive, skin-lifting, skin-tightening, rejuvenation, resurfacing, revitalization and regeneration plasma devices (plus our incredible new no-needle filler device - HyaPenPro).


LWI offer a professional choice of go-to plasma devices, all designed for non-invasive soft-surgery & fibroblasting treatments and geared towards the users needs - be it a surgeon or aesthetician. All our class leading devices are German made, CE Certified and FDA Registered and Plasma Pen is the only device, treatment & brand that customers ask for by name. Not only is our fully accredited, UKAS backed training and our support recognised as the absolute gold standard in this market but all our devices and exclusive nano-probes are universally acclaimed for their unrivalled precision, their consistent and on-demand plasma delivery and their intuitive ergonomics.


Plasma Pen and its pioneering technique is a highly versatile procedure that’s stunningly effective in wrinkle smoothing and skin tightening. Our cutting edge German technology and soft-surgery technique helps lift, tighten, regenerate and repair practically any area of the skin. It spectacularly improves and brightens skin tone, laxity and texture to dramatically reduce and plump out lines and wrinkles, address damaged or unhealthy skin, treat an extensive range of skin conditions and ultimately repair and roll back the negative signs of ageing. We deliver a brighter, more contoured and youthful appearance with virtually immediate and incredibly long lasting results.


Plasma Pen converts electrical energy into an electrostatic energy to create plasma gas. Inside our device, an electrical discharge is made by introducing voltage between 2 electrodes separated by a “dielectric barrier”. As the charge collects on the barrier’s surface; a gaseous arc of ionized plasma gas is created Ultimately, we heat and subject neutral/inert atmospheric gases (primarily nitrogen and oxygen) to electromagnetism to create an electrically conductive cloud of ionized gas. We then transmit that energized plasma to the skin in a gaseous form. The plasma energy we create transfers rapidly to the epidermal layer and, simultaneously, it heats & disrupts the deeper dermal structure via thermal conduction. This creates a dual zone of micro-trauma comprising of superficial micro-damage to the epidermis & inner thermal modification within the dermis, especially to the fibroblasts (hence the term fibroblasting). Thanks to our continuous AC power source and our devices fingertip, on-demand control; our plasma is safely released when our nano-probes is 1mm from the skin.


Our contraction and sublimation of the epidermal tissue and resurfacing with Plasma Pen helps creates immediate lift & dramatic skin tightening. Neoepithelialisation (the formation of new epithelial tissue) occurs rapidly after treatment & is complete 3 to 7 days post-procedure once the carbon crusts have flaked & the beautiful new skin cells have appeared (the neoepidermis). This helps rejuvenate the skin and deliver a significant reduction in photo-ageing and superficial wrinkles (rhytids) The inflammatory response & comprehensive healing process we stimulate drives extensive dermal remodelling over the next 12 weeks which includes neocollagenesis (new collagen synthesis), neoelastogenesis (the production of elastin), cross-linking between collagen & elastin (which helps strengthen, plump, inflate & lift the structure of the skin above) and hyaluronic acid binding with water which also helps fill & plump. The dermis becomes stronger and more flexible which underpins the partial-to-complete elimination of medium-depth wrinkles & a marked improvement/softening of deep wrinkles

We also help activate & release important proteins in the dermis that regulate cell maturation and encourage tissue re-generation & repair. All these positive changes underpin future tissue stability and prevent/slow down many negative ageing effects such as the premature degeneration of dermal elastic tissue.


We perform many of the same sought-after treatments as surgery - with similar effects - just without the invasive elements. Patients are fully in control of their preferred outcomes and results are natural looking, cumulative and respond well to successive treatments.

It affords significant cost savings compared to alternatives thanks to our long-lasting results. It is a quick, easy & low-risk procedure with minimal discomfort or side-effects and very short downtimes. No injectable anaesthetic is required, no scalpels, no cutting and/or heavy ablation of the skin and no suturing.

Unlike laser resurfacing; plasma is completely uniform and does not damage surrounding tissue. There is no thinning of the skin and there is no open wound. Plasma is non-chromophore dependent too & we deliver completely predictable and fully controlled heat energy that avoids the excessive collateral thermal injury associated with chromophore dependent laser tissue interaction. The collagen fibres formed by our plasma line up perpendicular to the skins surface - their optimal orientation.

Plasma Pen injures tissue more precisely and far more predictably than dermabrasion or chemabrasion.

We leave natural and younger looking skin whereas laser and chemical peels can leave the skin thinner, lighter, pigmented and too shiny. Different to microneedling; there is no open wound/blood and/or risk of infection and we're always able to work at a precise and predictable depth of tissue injury.

Unlike most medi-aesthetic treatments; we can work completely safely on the eyelids and do so to tremendous effect and longevity.

Our soft surgery procedures are not painful (certainly not in comparison to treatments like micro-needling and RF), we don’t just work on the muscle and our natural results last much longer than other medi-aesthetic treatments – they are actually more comparable to cosmetic surgery & many surgeons use our devices to add value and dimension to their offering. Ultimately, Plasma Pen is often part of a great combination package, especially using our plasmaporation tools/products & when used alongside other options like PRP & mesotherapy cocktails.