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Erchonia Lasers Ltd

Erchonia Lasers Ltd


OX108BA Wallingford
United Kingdom

Erchonia is the global leader in low level laser healthcare applications. Over the last 20 years Erchonia has been conducting research & development with the world’s leading physicians to advance the science of low level lasers. Prior to market introduction, all Erchonia lasers are proven to be safe and effective through independent clinical trials. Currently thousands of Erchonia’s lasers are used daily to treat foot fungus, reduce body fat, eliminate pain, accelerate healing, treat acne, and treat the appearance of cellulite.


Product news

  • Verju Advances Low Level Non-Termal Laser Therapy for Body Contouring

    What we’re talking about here is photobiomodulation – the use of LLNTL energy to stimulate an effect in the body, rather than the usual mechanism of action in aesthetic medicine. See attached article..