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BioSensor Laboratories, Inc. (FRANZ Skincare)

BioSensor Laboratories, Inc. (FRANZ Skincare)


08826 Seoul

BioSensor Laboratories (“BSL”) is a Korean biotechnology company that has created a patented Tissue X™ technology, a non-invasive transdermal drug delivery technology system (“TDDS”) that conveniently delivers the benefits of iontophoresis treatments to your skin, without the hassle of external devices. Tissue X™ was made possible through multi-disciplinary collaboration with researchers at Seoul National University and Samsung Hospital, two of the top research organizations in Asia. FRANZ is BSL’s first skincare brand utilizing this revolutionary and academically proven Tissue X™ technology.

Using Tissue X™, FRANZ Microcurrent Dual Masks naturally generate microcurrents without any devices, equipment or external battery power source and is academically and clinically proven to deliver macromolecule compounds such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides and vitamins into deeper layers of the skin compared to traditional sheet masks.

FRANZ is one of the fastest growing cosmeceutical brands in Korea, the hub of innovative skincare solutions. It has also recently launched in global markets including US, Germany, Japan and China. In the US market, the brand is making strong headway in the professional beauty clinics and aesthetician markets.


Product news

  • Franz Skincare Wins Prestigious Awards at the 2019 Aesthetic Everything® Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine Awards

    Franz Skincare is a new collection of luxury skincare products, developed for both the professional and consumer markets. After years of research and working extensively with doctors and scientists across multiple fields including Life Science, Chemistry, and Biomedical Engineering, BioSensor Laboratories in Seoul, Korea developed their revolutionary Tissue X™ Technology. Tissue X™ is the world's first TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System) that conveniently delivers the benefits of iontophoresis treatments to your skin, without the hassle of devices or practitioner assistance. This unique transdermal delivery process has been called "a game changer" in the world of skincare, when it comes to addressing and solving various skin concerns and needs. Used in conjunction with their expertly crafted skincare formulations, they guarantee that their nourishing and reparative ingredients are reaching the inner most layers of your skin.

    Whether you are looking for an effective anti-aging regimen, or trying to treat very specific issues like pigmentation, acne, sunburns, scaring, dermatitis or even rosacea, Franz Skincare is the solution.