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PE11 2ED Spalding
United Kingdom

OXYJET UK are the UK’s supplier of Nora Bode’s leading OXYJET oxygen therapy treatment. Oxygen facial treatments and oxygen therapy facials are quickly becoming an increasingly popular non-invasive facial treatment across the UK, and Nora Bode’s OXYJET machines are at the forefront of this new trend!

As we age, the vessels carrying oxygen and nutrients to our face degenerate, so the supply of oxygen and nutrients is depleted to the skin cells, as a result the cell division slows significantly and in turn the skin becomes thinner, dry, wrinkled and in some cases unevenly pigmented. This is where Nora Bode’s OXYJET products come in! An Oxygen facial treatment or oxygen therapy facial helps to deliver microencapsulated oxygen, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and moisturisers, visibly improving the skin.


Product news

  • OXYjet Announce London

    OXYjet are excited to announce a new event for 2019 with the first of their introductory days in London at the Park Plaza County Hall. The company will be introducing attendees to the many skin benefits to be obtained from using their high tech patented professional machines designed for clinic and salon use. The day will provide an insight into these safe, pain-free treatments including those designed to target mature skin, pigmentation issue, scarring and stretch marks. OXYjet will also introduce the OXYjet GO, their latest innovation. The OXYjet GO allows users to use the homecare products inbetween clinic and salon treatments allowing them to reap the rewards of using microencapsulated oxygen 'on the go'! There will be the opportunity to try the treatments on the day within Aurora Spa at the hotel.

  • New oxygen therapy device, OXYjet GO announced.

    The new device, based upon the original OXYjet technology is modified for use at home or ‘on the go’ with the convenience of a hand held device. Using the new OXYjet GO microencapsulated oxygen can be delivered to the deepest layers of the dermis along with the concentrated active ingredients found within their formulas. Using a pulsed pressure method of delivering these to re-energise the skin, encourages skin cell regeneration, which in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation irregularities for a smoother and more uniform complexion.
    Using oxygen in this way helps combat the problems associated with aging skin. Where the vessels carrying oxygen and essential nutrients to the face begin to degenerate, our skin cells feel the impact and in turn naturally deteriorate as the skin matures. This results in skin cell division significantly slowing, leading to thinning of the skin, dryness and wrinkles. In some cases the skin may become unevenly pigmented.
    The OXYjet GO device coupled with their specially formulated infused preparations is able to deliver results safely and without the use of needles. The Dermatest Institute based in Germany confirmed in tests that the OXYjet GO successfully pulses active ingredients deep into the skin, filling the intercellular spaces in the epidermis which appear as the skin ages. They also confirmed that this resulted in an increased volume in the skin.

    The new OXYjet GO:
     Convenient hand held device
     Based upon patented OXYjet technology
     Delivers microencapsulated oxygen using pulsed pressure into the epidermis and dermis
     Delivers concentrated active ingredients deep into the skin
     Re-energises skin cells encouraging cell regeneration
     Smooths lines and wrinkles and plumps the skin
     Creates a fresh and even complexion