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05 October 2018


London – 5 October, 2017 - The British Association of Plastic Surgeons; the UK’s only society based at the Royal College of Surgeons dedicated solely for the education and advancement of cosmetic surgery, and which represents the vast majority of NHS-trained plastic surgeons (; today unveils worrying new data. An internal survey of their membership has revealed a whopping 80% of them have recently experienced an exponential rise in requests for ‘revisional’ – fixing botched procedures – work.

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11 october 2018

Managing Oily Skin Using Toxin

The desire for flawless skin is apparent to all working in the aesthetics and skincare profession and, in my experience working in an aesthetic practice, oily skin and subsequently large pores is one of the most common dermatological complaints made. A novel therapeutic option for targeting oily skin involves intradermal injection of botulinum toxin; studies have demonstrated this to be effective and safe, with minimal systemic or local side effects.1,2,5,7 This article aims to explore the evidence base for the efficacy in using botulinum toxin for treating oily skin and its mechanism of action, alongside its safety profile.

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9 october 2018

Injecting the Infraorbital Area

Dr Tom van Eijk provides his protocol for the treatment of infraorbital hollowness by injecting hyaluronic acid.


Since the skin in the infraorbital area is very thin, anything that distorts this structure is visible. One night of not sleeping or even five minutes of crying can have a striking effect under the eyes. Some people show their age and tiredness more than others, leading to concerned remarks by peers regarding their wellbeing, thus influencing them to seek aesthetic treatment.

One of the most popular non-surgical treatments is the injection of hyaluronic acid (HA) in the lower eyelid region to reduce the depth of the tear trough, in order to freshen up the patient’s appearance. 

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4 october 2018

RealSelf Launches “Beyond Scars” Global Initiative

RealSelf launches “Beyond Scars: Healing Bodies. Restoring Lives,” a global initiative that provides burn survivors access to reconstructive surgery and medical care in India.

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30 Septembre 2018

Acne vaccine is a step closer to reality

A vaccine that could help treat and prevent acne is a step closer to reality after scientists successfully targeted acne-causing bacteria and stopped it producing the toxins which cause inflammation.

The study was carried out by a team at the University of California in San Diego. As part of their experiments scientists sent antibodies to Propionibacterium and, for the first time, demonstrated how a type of cell that the body produces in response to a toxin secreted by bacteria on the skin can actually reduce inflammation in lesions caused by acne.  

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18 Septembre 2018

BAAPS issue statement on Brazilian Buttock Lifts following death of British woman

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has issued a statement on Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) surgery in the wake of the tragic news of a British woman’s death after undergoing the procedure abroad.[...].In a statment BAAPS said, "The Association cannot comment on individual cases, however in light of the increasing popularity and interest in the treatment, we must reiterate our previous warnings about the danger of surgery abroad; and raise awareness to the potential for serious complications relating to BBL surgery – the risks of which are minimised, if at all mentioned, by many offering it.".

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6 September 2018

Action! at FACE Conference London on the Screen Promoting The New GDPR Feature (General Data Protection)

What is GDPR and why will it affect my business?

What data in clinics is affected by GDPR?

Who is responsible for what? Becoming GDPR compliant?


6 September 2018

Video Testimonial Epilium Skin Clinic – Harley Street / Marylebone, London

Watch this video as our clinic manager Abbie explains the convenience of using the iPad when signing forms for both the client and consult. She expresses how she is able to save time when completing stock take as the automatic calculation tool does it all for her!


5 September 2018

Clinic Software: Paperless Consultation Forms

With the brand-new update you can now do customer appointments on the software! You now have the capacity to change and edit the inquiries within software, save the form away against the customer record card as well as being able to email the form to the relevant people and export in PDF format.

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29 August 2018

Top 10 Tips For Looking After Older Teeth – Dr Richard Marques

1.The best care is prevention. So, the most important advice I can give is to maintain a good oral health routine throughout your life

2. As we age, our gums shrink and start to recede so it’s crucial to look after them and avoid the risk of gum disease. Flossing regularly to remove debris trapped between the teeth is vital for this

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23 August 2018

What Is Retinol: The Beginner's Guide to Anti-Aging Products

I know you already know about retinol. I know you’ve seen it in drugstores, heard about it on TV, and listened to your best friend gush about it every time she "re-discovers" skincare. But do you really know what retinol does? Do you really know why you’re supposed to use it, or why most dermatologists consider it pure magic? Do you even really know how to apply it?

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22 August 2018

Microneedling: The Easy Treatment Celebs Love That Takes 10-15 Years Off Your Face

How DO celebrities look half their age without undergoing facelifts? One of their latest favorite procedures is a treatment they can do in their dermatologist’s office in just 25 minutes– microneedling.

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16 August 2018

YouTube is source of misinformation on plastic surgery

The millions of people who turn to YouTube as a source for education on facial plastic surgery receive a false understanding that does not include the risks or alternative options, said lead author Boris Paskhover, an assistant professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School's department of otolaryngology who specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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16 August 2018

Would You Get Botox On The High Street?

Next time you’re dropping into Superdrug to pick up a mascara and some cotton pads, would you consider a spot of Botox as well? A round of fillers while you're getting a new toothbrush? The high-street retailer has introduced a new Skin Renew Service, offering in-store Botox and dermal fillers for which appointments must be booked in advance following a consultation. The services will be launched via a soft launch in the Strand store before rolling out nationwide. Prices start at £99.

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13 August 2018

Plastic Surgery Societies Issue Urgent Warning About the Risks Associated with Brazilian Butt Lifts

Gluteal fat grafting, more commonly referred to as the popular Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure, has resulted in an alarming rate of mortality, estimated to be as high as 13,000, a rate of death far greater than any other cosmetic surgery.

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3 August 2018

JCCP removes beauty therapists from its registers for injectables

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) has removed beauty therapists from its registers for Level 7 treatments such as dermal fillers.

The major change in policy comes after the body received significant backlash from medics to its practitioner registers, which were launched in March, and included one for medics, and a second for non-medics, who otherwise have no regulator. Under the terms of the registers, non-medics were, at the time, permitted to inject dermal fillers providing they had trained to Level 7 and were overseen by a medical practitioner.

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2 August 2018

Mastopexy (Breast Lift) Market the Fastest Growing Cosmetic Surgery Trend Worldwide Figures will Surprise You – Current & Future Forecasts 2018-2023

 Mastopexy is a plastic surgery mammoplasty procedure for raising the sagging breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissues to reshape and support the new breast contour. A woman’s breasts changes over time and becomes susceptible to ptosis or sagging due to aging, weight fluctuations, breastfeeding and pregnancy. Factors such as growing female geriatric population and increasing demands for aesthetic procedures are the major drivers for the market growth during the forecast period. According to the United Census Bureau, the global-female-geriatric population is estimated to reach 4,139 million by 2030 from 3,601 million as recorded in 2015. 

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31 July 2018

Award-Winning California Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Heather Furnas, Offers Comprehensive Assessment of Gender Inequality in Plastic Surgery

AHeather Furnas, MD, founder of northern California's Plastic Surgery Associates, is excited to share her newly published article, "Gender Inequality for Women in Plastic Surgery: A Systematic Scoping Review." Sorting through decades of research, Dr. Furnas and a team of authors have been able to highlight the disparities between men and women working in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Furnas' article was part of the June 2018 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: The Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


30 July 2018

Advances In Cosmetic Surgery Can Help You Feel More Confident

Whether you’ve noticed aging around your eyes or extra skin around your waist, there’s a cosmetic procedure that can help you feel more confident.

While the reasons for choosing a cosmetic procedure is highly personal, it’s becoming more common. The number of cosmetic procedures increased last year by 2 percent, with 17.5 million people electing to do some sort of enhancement, surgical or nonsurgical procedure, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Breast augmentations topped the list, followed by liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and tummy tucks.


18 July 2018

Global medical spa market expected to reach almost £21m by 2025

According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, titled, "Medical Spa Market by Service: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2017-2025," the global medical spa market is projected to reach $27,566m (£20,916m) by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 12.2% from 2018 to 2025. The facial treatment segment accounted for one-third share of the global market revenue of the sector, which was valued at $11,063m (£8,399m) in 2017.


17 July 2018

Treating a Cleft Chin

A cleft chin refers to a chin with a Y-shaped dimple in the middle. Before performing a treatment to enhance or to remove a cleft chin it is important to consider the risks associated with the treatment, to be explained hereafter. Different treatment options are offered, largely depending on whether the patient wants to have a temporary or permanent result.


17 July 2018

Why today's breast augmentation is better than ever

There are lots of reasons why women might want breast implants, like experiencing loss of volume after having children or losing weight or to help balance out asymmetrical breasts. With the latest implant options and surgical techniques, breast augmentation today is now even better than ever and can help women get the natural look they want while also improving their self-confidence and body image.


12 July 2018

Inaugural RealSelf Laser & Energy Report Notes Interest in Fat Reduction Treatments Reaching All-Time High

RealSelf has released its inaugural RealSelf U.S. Laser & Energy Report revealing consumer interest, patient satisfaction based on the proprietary RealSelf Worth It Ratings, and emerging trends within the laser and energy device market.


10 July 2018

The Safety in Beauty Diamond Award Winners 2018

The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry came together on Saturday 7th July in London to celebrate yet another fantastic year of high quality award entries and nominations for The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards,  an astonishing array of talented, dedicated and passionate professionals and brands were celebrated at the glamorous and prestigious annual award ceremony dubbed as the go-to Summer calendar event of the year.


5 July 2018

Histogen Kicks Off Clinical Trial for Female Hair Loss

Histogen, Inc., a regenerative medicine company focused on stimulating the body’s stem cells to regenerate tissues and restore youthful function, has launched a Phase I Clinical Trial of its lead product, Hair Stimulating Complex, to treat female diffuse hair loss. 


2 July 2018

Special feature: stress and oral health

Dentists and bacteriologist Dr Harold Katz looks into the relationship between stress and oral health.


29 June 2018

Which hair transplant treatment is best for me?

Hair loss is progressive, so once you begin these treatments stay on them for at least twelve months if you’re planning a hair transplant. This is the equivalent of a builder laying a strong foundation before he begins building a wall.


26 June 2018

Study suggest too much exercice could cause tooth decay news

A new study, published in the journal Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, has found that too much exercise could cause tooth decay.


21 June 2018

Hair loss treatments: which ones really work? 

It’s the holy grail of hair loss – a pill or potion that will restore thinning hair and reverse baldness. Which explains why an industry worth $1.5billion worldwide has sprung up, offering anxious men (and women) hair loss treatments from herbal remedies to shampoos and supplements.


21 June 2018

Healing the Skin

Dr Sophie Shotter explains how the skin repairs itself and the importance of good hygiene for quality healing.


19 June 2018

Ban the term “anti-ageing”, advises health organisation

A report by a public health charity is calling for the term “anti-ageing” to be banned in the beauty and cosmetics sector because of the negative effect it’s having on society.


18 June 2018

Breast cancer patients are being denied 'life-changing' reconstructive surgery, research shows 

Breast cancer patients are being denied “life-changing” reconstructive surgery across swathes of the country, amid deepening NHS rationing, research shows.

Freedom of Information disclosures reveal that almost one in four NHS authorities have introduced restrictive policies, which mean women can be denied the operations to restore their bodies.


14 June 2018

Environmental pollution effects of facial/body wet wipes

The British College of Aesthetic Medicine advocates that consumers and medical practitioner alike take note of the plethora of concerns arising from the use of facial/body wet-wipes which have become the norm for much of the global population. 


13 June 2018

Interview questions for Mr Norman Waterhouse, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Chairman of the CCR Expo Advisory Board.

You must be busy just now planning the programme for CCR Expo 2018 – is there a particular theme this year?

We have a fantastic Medical Advisory Board for this year’s CCR with over 30 leading experts advising on the education programme. The key focus for this year is ensuring the best possible education and training for all aesthetics practitioners particularly due to the growing focus on patient safety and raising industry standards. Education has been a key theme of CCR since the outset and this focus continues to dominate the shape...

6 June 2018

An introduction to the JCCP and CPSA - Sorting fact from fiction

Understandably, many people working within the industry have taken a cautious approach to the work of the JCCP, questioning how effective a non-compulsory register could be, how it differs from existing registers, who runs it and who profits from it. While the vast majority of involved professionals have seen this an opportunity to unite and shape the future of the industry, there has also been a level of opposition, which is inevitable with any new venture involving the systems of work, livelihoods and principles of a disparate group of professionals. Unfortunately, this has led to misinformation which we seek to address with the facts outlined below, outlining the aims and rationale behind many of the JCCP’s key decisions.

Source: JCCP

4 June 2018

The cost of looking after your oral health

British adults are spending almost £200 a year looking after their smile by purchasing oral health care products, according to the results of a nationwide survey. 

Source: The Probe

22 May 2018

CCR Discusses The Countdown to GDPR for the Aesthetic Industry with Consentz

The countdown is on for the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which comes into force on May 25th 2018. With only 3% of businesses prepared for the deadline, how will GDPR affect those working in aesthetic medicine? We spoke to Tai Gantois of Consentz, a medical practice software company, about the most common questions that she encounters from aesthetic practitioners looking to comply with the new regulations.   

12 April 2018

Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2018

Tatler Magazine shares the guide to the best cosmetic practitioners in the UK. 

15 May 2018

Aesthetics regulation campaigners meet with Prime Minister Theresa May

Dr Selena Langdon, aesthetic practitioner and representative of industry group Keep Medical Aesthetics Medical (KMAM), and the founder of the Safety in Beauty campaign, Antonia Mariconda, met with the Prime Minister and called for mandatory regulation of the aesthetics industry. 

12 April 2018

A Declining NHS dentistry workforce

The number of people leaving the NHS dentistry workforce has been growing, according NHS Digital figures. The statistics show that the number of dentists leaving the NHS has risen every year since 2012/13, whilst the number joining has declined.

Source: The Probe

11 April 2018

Phototherapy Lamps and Units For Aesthetic Medicine Market to Receive Overwhelming Hike in Revenues by 2025

Global Phototherapy Lamps and Units for Aesthetic Medicine Industry Research Report provides information on Major Segments, Major Share, Trends, Top Key Vendors and Regional Outlook globally. This report will help the viewer in Better Decision Making.

09 April 2018

Merz Aesthetics Launches New Belotero® Lips Dermal Filler Products

FRANKFURT, Germany -- Merz, a global leader in medical aesthetics, today announced the launch of Belotero® Lips, with products specifically designed for lip enhancement and treatment of perioral lines. The line includes two hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler products that complement each other to deliver safe, effective and natural-looking cosmetic results.

16 January 2018

Med-fx partners with Medica Forte

Med-fx will be Medica Forte’s exclusive partner in the sales and training of The Perfect Peel products. Medica Forte has chosen Med-fx as it 'has an excellent track record' and has 'always maintained medical registration standards to open an account'.

Source: Aesthetics Journal

15 January 2018

New patch aims to turn energy-storing fats into energy-burning fats

A new approach to reducing bulging tummy fats has shown promise in laboratory trials.

It combines a new way to deliver drugs, via a micro-needle patch, with drugs that are known to turn energy-storing white fat into energy-burning brown fat. This innovative approach developed by scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) reduced weight gain in mice on a high fat diet and their fat mass by more than 30 per cent over four weeks.

Source: Prime Journal

05 January 2018

Working As A Plastic Surgeon In Today's NHS

Recently, a TV film production company came to our hospital to record a series about surgeons and the operations we do. Having spent over 20 years as a NHS consultant in Plastic surgery I was intrigued when the production team came to speak to me about my work. It occurred to me that what I see as routine and ordinary is, for the greater part, unknown to most people and is to some extent a hidden world.

Source: Huffington Post

19 December 2017

Three-Dimensional Imaging and Breast Measurements: How Predictable Are We?

Outcomes in aesthetic breast surgery are dependent on preoperative breast measurements. The accuracy of 3-dimensional (3D) imaging in measuring critical landmarks in augmentation mammaplasty surgery has not been described.

Source: Aesthetics Surgery Journal

19 December 2017

Advanced practitioners invited to Ellansé training workshops

Pharmaceutical company Sinclair Pharma is to run advanced-level Ellansé collagen stimulating dermal filler training workshops for experienced hyaluronic acid injectors.

Source: Aesthetics Journal

15 December 2017

Survey of 200 US plastic surgeons finds that 64% said they learn about procedures from online videos

The most popular videos that surgeons are learning from focus on rhinoplasty and injectables.

Source: Aesthetics Journal

14 December 2017

Read the latest edition of PMFA Journal

Discover articles on industry topics such as rhinoplasty, telemedicine and skin rejuvenation.

Source: PMFA Journal

13 December 2017

The "Boomerang Lift: A 3-Step Compartment Based Approach to the Youthful Cheek

A three-step approach to malar augmentation using targeted deep malar fat compartmental augmentation, termed the “Boomerang Lift”.

Source: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal

13 December 2017

Researchers test new ultrasound technology to detect breast cancer

More than 40 percent of women in the United States have dense breast tissue, which can make it more difficult to detect potential cancers on a mammogram. Now doctors in Southern California are testing a new technology that could help with such cases.

Source: CBS News

12 December 2017

6 Diet Tips For Youthful Skin

A lovely, brilliant and shining skin is each young lady’s fantasy. It’s anything but difficult to accomplish it by evading sugar however much as could be expected and by eating items, for example, olive oil, avocado and macadamia nut oil.

Source: You Body Health

05 December 2017

New survey reports on acne, social media behavior and teenagers' self-esteem

The national online survey was commissioned by Cutanea Life Sciences, Inc. (CLS), a U.S. based specialty pharmaceutical company focused on dermatology, and was conducted this past summer by Harris Poll among 1,010 teenagers, ages 15-19.

Source: Prime Journal

04 December 2017

What it's like to live with acne dysmorphia

A disorder where sufferers believe their skin to be much worse than it really is.

Source: netdoctor

02 December 2017

Microneedling for the Treatment of Hair Loss?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive dermatological procedure in which fine needles are rolled over the skin to puncture the stratum corneum. This therapy is used to induce collagen formation, neovascularization, and growth factor production of treated areas.

Source: Wiley Online Library

25 November 2017

Recovery after DIEP flap breast reconstruction

The DIEP flap breast reconstruction is today's most advanced form of breast reconstruction. The procedure uses the patient's lower abdominal skin and fat to reconstruct a breast after mastectomy but unlike the TRAM flap procedure, preserves all the abdominal muscles.

Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons

23 November 2017

Why the term ‘cosmetic surgeon’ is so dangerous

AFTER years of pleading with the authorities about the dangers of an unregulated cosmetic medical industry, finally, some welcome news from the Council of Australian Government Health Ministers meeting in Canberra last week.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

20 November 2017

Trends in abdominoplasty

Richard A. Baxter reviews the current trends in abdominoplasty, including the drainless abdominoplasty, MoMs makeover, and TAP Blocks.

Source: Prime Journal

02 October 2017

Clinic Software: What customers say about us

Designed To Save You Time, Designed To Make You More Money, Designed For You. Real-Time Full Control.
It Is Time To Take Control Of Your Business.

Source: Clinic Software

22 September 2017

Spa at Bedford Lodge opens a clinic to meet local demand for aesthetic treatments

The Spa at Bedford Lodge in Newmarket has added an aesthetic clinic to its offer to accomodate local demand for advanced skin treatments. 

The clinic, which soft opened earlier this month and is fully open as of this week, has been introduced to cater for the growing demand for aesthetic treatments. Treatments and services offered at the clinic include dermal fillers, dermal peels, IPL for skin rejuvenation and hair removal, and botox injections.

Source: Professional Beauty

5 September 2017

Selfies could enhance post-treatment experience, study says

A new study has found that selfies can be used as an effective tool to enhance patients’ post-treatment experience, and alert the clinician to early post-treatment problems.

Published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and entitled, ‘Patient satisfaction with an early smartphone-based cosmetic surgery postoperative follow-up’, the study focused on patients of cosmetic surgery, but the results could be transferrable to cosmetic dentistry and non-surgical facial aesthetics.

Source: Dentistry News