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Cellfina - the Breakthrough treatment for cellulite dimples!

Cellulite is characterised by dimpling and uneven skin texture on the buttocks and thighs, which affects an estimated 1.4 billion women worldwide. 84% of women who are at least somewhat concerned about their cellulite dimples are motivated to do something about it.

Cellfina® is the only EU CE-marked and US FDA cleared minimally invasive procedure, clinically proven to treat the primary structural causes of cellulite in a single treatment. It works because the Cellfina® treatment targets the structural cause of cellulite, resulting in a smooth look and the confidence for patients to wear what they like.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that patients notice a smoother appearance on their thighs and buttocks in as little as 14 days. These results improved over time, and were maintained even at three years, with a 93% patient satisfaction

what makes Cellfina unique?
Cellfina is the ONLY device that targets cellultie dimples at it's source.
Cellfina has the LONGEST duration of results compared to any other cellulite busting treatment.


Product news

  • Cellfina

    Global and Regional Awards won:
    • UK Tatler Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2018: Best Cellulite Treatment – Cellfina.
    • New Beauty USA Magazine 2018: Ultimate cellulite fighter- Cellfina (award won second year in a row).
    • THE European Aesthetic Guide 2018: Best Non-Surgical Body Shaping Device – Cellfina.
    • AMEC (Aesthetic & Anti-ageing Medicine European Congress) Anti-ageing beauty trophy 2017:Best body shaping device of the year – Cellfina.
    • Realself.com Most Worth it Award 2016: Best cellulite treatment – Cellfina.
    • Aesthetic Industry awards USA 2016: Top Tested Beauty winner – Cellfina.
    • Allure USA 2015: Best of Beauty award winner- Cellfina.
    • Good Housekeeping USA 2016: Winner – Cellfina.

    What do doctors say about the treatment?
    "My patients are delighted with their Cellfina treatments. We can finally offer a robust, proven solution for cellulite dimples."
    Dr Apul Parikh, PHI clinic, London

    "With Cellfina I am now able to offer a treatment for cellulite that is precise, consistent and addresses the underlying structural causes of it with high rates of patient satisfaction."
    Dr Benji Dhillin, PHI clinic, London

    "I have never offered cellulite treatment to my patients until Cellfina. Finally a treatment that will not disappoint!"
    Dr Maria Gonzales, Specialist Skin Clinic, Cardiff

    "For the first time, we have a definitive treatment for structural cellulite. Cellfina is now a valuable tool for patients in my practice."
    Dr Peter Prendergast, Venus Medical, Dublin

    "The Cellfina machine is a huge advance. I have been shocked by its effectiveness and it has exceeded my expectations."
    Dr Dinesh Maini, Zenith Cosmetic Clinic, Nottingham

    "At long last it is great to be able to provide an effective and simple treatment to combat cellulite dimples."
    Mr Nick Rhodes, Faceetc...Medispa, York

    "I am delighted to be able to offer Cellfina by Merz to my patients at KLNIK. Unlike other technology, Cellfina® provides a long-term, minimally invasive solution to cellulite dimples."
    Dr Rosh Ravindran, KLNIK, Cheshire

    "Cellfina, a one treatment protocol with minimal downtime will bring women an exceptional solution to a real body concern."
    Dr Emma Sheehan, River Medical, Dublin

    What do patients say about the treatment?
    “The cellulite on my buttock area had become much more visible during my 40s, and the orange peel effect was starting to appear on the top of my legs and thighs.

    I researched the treatment and the findings, and supporting images demonstrated Cellfina® made an impressive difference to cellulite. I decided to give it a go.

    I removed the dressings the next day and my husband could not believe the difference. The cellulite had completely gone, it is amazing. I did encounter bruising, which lasted 2 weeks and some tenderness but nothing to complain about. It is now 4 weeks since I had the treatment and the skin continues to improve. I am absolutely thrilled with results.”
    Emma, treated at Specialist Skin Clinic, Cardiff

    “Cellfina® simply makes sense because it gets to the root of the cellulite problem. It works in a perfectly scientific way, releasing the skin where it forms a dimple so the puckered skin bounces back. The result: a smooth, rounded butt free from orange peel. I’m amazed by the results. At 49, I didn’t know my backside had so much ‘boing’ left in it.

    This summer there will be no holding me back. My first skimpy bikini in a decade is already on order.”
    Elizabeth, treated at PHI clinic, London

    “I felt very conscious of the cellulite on my bottom so decided the treatment would be perfect for me. I feel like I have my old bottom back and all the cellulite has gone. I would highly recommend this treatment to anybody as it really works.”
    Laura, treated at Faceetc...Medispa, York

    “As a mother I felt self-conscious taking my son swimming and avoided wearing outfits on certain occasions. I have worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years and have tried every lotion & potion available, nothing worked, and my problem remained persistent. Since having Cellfina®, my confidence has been restored, now I don’t have to worry about prepping before going to holiday and I won’t feel shy on the beach. Cellfina® has eased my worries. I was drawn to Cellfina® as I found it was the only clinically proven cellulite treatment available.”
    Natasha, treated at KLNIK, Cheshire

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