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Göteborg, Sweden
21 - 22/03/2019

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Weland AB

Weland AB



Weland AB is a solid family company with factory and headquarters in Smålandsstenar. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of spiral staircases, straight flight staircases, railings, gangways for the disabled, gangways, grating and mezzanines. Weland is also one of Sweden’s largest players in the field of sheet metal working. With us in the stand we also have Weland Stål which is a leading supplier of products for roof safety and evacuation.
Our promise is to deliver products of the right quality at the right time. Easily assembled products and timely delivery gives customers the best total economy. Weland takes responsibility for delivering products that comply with the quality requirements that both the customers and we set.


Product news

  • Weland AB is expanding its range on BIM

    At Weland, we are seeing a significant increase in the demand for BIM, BIM, where the digitalisation of the building industry is making possible increased efficiency and a sustainable construction process from the ground up. We are continuously driving the development forwards in our day-to-day work to improve and manage the sharing of information. We are now expanding our range of BIM objects and adding to our stocked range of entrance gratings with frames as well as our outdoor furniture. Our sectional railing is already available under our BIM objects.
    As a supplier, we think it is important to provide our designers, architects and draughtsmen with modern and simple tools for a more efficient and sustainable construction process. BIM simplifies and coordinates the construction process in a way that was previously impossible. With BIM objects, we offer the building industry an efficient solution that makes a completely digitalised information channel possible.