Göteborg, Sweden
21 - 22/03/2019

Discover Åbymässan

With over 15 000 squaremeters indoors and access to 20 000 squaremeters outdoors Åbymässan is the perfect location for our partners, suppliers and customers to showcase news, network and do business.

Åbymässan provides a modern and easy way to conference with its hotel-possibilities. Everything is thought out to easify the process of exhibiting and visiting, which besides the 223 hotel rooms also means that there are about 2 000 parking spaces being built in the near vicinity of the premises.

The most modern exhibition center in Sweden will open in January of 2019, and one of the first shows to take place here will be Bygg Göteborg.

Åbyvägen 2-12, 431 22 Mölndal, Sweden