Who visits?

Who visits?

Every Dutch baker will leave their bakery, just to visit Bakkersvak. Apart from the (artisan) bakers, lunchrooms, restaurants, caterers, ice cream makers and pastry chefs also know how to find their way to to Bakkersvak. Are all these sectors interested in Bakkersvak? Of course they are. That is because we offer them future insights in their profession. Our goal is to continuously inspire the industry. We want to offer content that is progressive, but also offers the baker practical tools to go into the coming years.


In 2018, more than 8,400 people visited the fair. Are you interested in further information? Then you can visit the visitor statistics right here. Bakkersvak is a trade show that will trigger all your senses. All the products look amazing, you can smell the scent of fresh baked cookies everywhere and there is plenty to taste. The (artisan) baker will feel at home at Bakkersvak, without a doubt.


Types of visitors

Owner/prioprietor, baker, confectioner, production manager, bakery employee, shop assistant, purchaser, pastry chef, technical manager, chef(cook)



Baked goods (artisanal and industrial), lunchrooms, bed & breakfasts, ice cream makers, coffeeshops and tearooms, ice cream makers, coffeeshop and tearooms, delicacies and speciality stores, restaurants & hotels, chocolate/food/retail industry