Smart Badge

Smart Badge

All visitors receive a Smart Badge with which they can receive information about your company by touching your stand. Prior to the show, all exhibitors receive one badgereader (part of their EasyGo package) to place on their stand. This reader is a wireless sensor that delivers the digital product and company information you uploaded to My Easyfairs. When the visitor touches your reader, (s)he receives all this uploaded information by email.

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How does it work?

When visitors touch the reader with their (Smart) badge, they collect all the information that you uploaded in My Easyfairs. This information will be sent to them in a visit summary email at the end of day.

With the EasyGo Leads or the EasyGo Plus package, you get the data of everyone who touched your reader with their badge. You receive the list at the end of the event via email. 

Smart badge

Benefits for you as an exhibitor

  • More contacts and opportunities
  • Distribute your company information easily
  • Simplify the post-event follow-up
  • Reduce costs and waste
  • Provide an engaging visitor experience