Maurits van der Vooren

Top chef Maurits van der Vooren

At Bakkersvak top chef Maurits van der Vooren gives an unique demonstration 'dessert on plate' where he shares his knowledge and passion as a pastry chef. Maurits is invited by the Dutch Pastry Team and is also guest juror for the Dutch Pastry Award.

Demonstration 'dessert on plate'

On Sunday 4 March from 15.30 till 16.30, Maurits is presented at the stage of the experience area where he shows a dessert on plate. He shows how to combine beautiful flavors, how you can use special shapes, how to add ice crumble and which gels are essential for a perfect dessert. After his demonstration, the visitor can enjoy a beautiful visual, but especially delicious dessert.

About Maurits van der Vooren

Maurits comes from a real confectionary family. For three generations - since 1918 - the Van der Vooren family had a successful chain of confectioners in Haarlem and surroundings. After the culinary school, Maurits worked in many Michelin star restaurants. For nine years he has been the sous chef at Michelin star restaurant Latour (Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin) in Noordwijk. In addition to managing the kitchen team, he spent all his time here creating the most beautiful things in patisserie. In the meantime, he started his own firm and works for Dobla. His experience, creations and knowledge make him a respected patissier in the industry.

More information

With almost 55.000 followers on Instagram, he is one of the most followed social media chefs. He updates a picture of a new dessert of another nicely made plate almost every day.