Cacao Barry - Virtual Reality

Cacao Barry - Virtual Reality box

On the stand of Cacao Barry (C116), the premium chocolatebrand from the Barry Callebaut Groep, you discover a unique Virtual Reality experience and inspiring demos from the present chefs.

Join us on a trip to a cocoa plantation!

Only a few cocao plantations in the world harvest cacao beans that offer aromas and flavors with a exceptional character. Cacao Barry has developed an unique range couverture chocolates with these special cacao beans. Every chocolate has an exceptional taste combination and aromatic character - by the soil, the climate and the environment where these special beans grow. It reveals the earthy, floral, fruity and spicy tones of the cocoa beans, which is also seen in the taste profile of the chocolate.

The Cacao Barry Virtual Reality box offers the opportunity to take a look at a cocao plantation. Travel to a country of your choice and experience the beautiful area of different cocao plantations through the Virtual Reality glasses. Taste the flavours of the associated chocolates and experience the matching taste profiles. An unique experience that you don't want to miss!

Pastry demonstrations 

The Belgian chefs Mathieu Dierinck (Sunday) and Willem Verlooy (Monday) give an inspiring pastry demo on the Cacao Barry stand.
At 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00 the demonstrations take place. Come along and taste the tastiest creations.