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Sonneveld Group BV

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Sonneveld will be participating in the Bakkersvak 2017 under the banner of ‘Puur voor de Bakker’. You can visit the ‘Puur voor de Bakker’ stand for inspiration for your business. Two of the many Sonneveld clients will be presenting their knowledge that they have gained during the ‘Puur voor de Bakker’ trips. The bakers will also share their ideas and practices that have derived from the inspirational trips. Bakery Raat and Baking with Plaizier would like to inspire you with their unique products. You will be able to experience the finest taste of inspiration at our stand! You’re coming too, right?

Sonneveld understand the values of gaining and sharing knowledge, and the value of gaining inspiration within the traditional bakery sector. With this in mind, Sonneveld established the ‘Just for the Baker’ concept in 2009.

It is important that the consumers continue to see bread as important, tasty, fresh and healthy. And we like to support this in the bakeries. Each year, Sonneveld organizes study tours, workshops and/or trainings to help the participants in gaining inspiration and knowledge. Two of the Sonneveld clients, who can be found in the Bakkersvak 2017, have successfully produced products that were inspired by the ‘Puur voor de Bakker’ trips. These entrepreneurial bakers will show you how to maintain a leading position in the market as a bakery, as well as the many benefits of our loyalty program.

Sonneveld Group was founded in 1956 and is an international company that develops innovative customer-specific solutions for the bakery sector, including other related food industry.

At Sonneveld, we work together with our clients on high quality and/or ergonomic products and concepts, based on our knowledge and expertise. This is on both productions levels and the supply of raw materials, as well as the area of processing knowledge and insight of the market.