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Pak Ihracat A.S.

Pak Ihracat A.S.


34349 Gayrettepe

We are one of the largest group of companies in Turkey and our main business is baking products (YEAST, BREAD IMPROVERS, FLOUR CORRECTORS, BAKING MIXES and PASTRY PRODUCTS).
Being one of the largest FRESH, CRUMBLED, SEMI-DRY, INSTANT DRY and DEACTIVATED baker's yeast manufacturers of the world, we are operating three yeast factories in Turkey and one yeast factory in Romania.
We, as well, offer bread producers tailor-made solutions, in accordance with their needs.


Product news

  • Pakmaya Deactivated Yeast

    PAKMAYA Deactivated Yeast has a high level of glutathione content and has a high reducing power.

    Advantages :
     Reduces the mixing time of the dough.
     Increases extensibility of the dough.
     Reduces elasticity of the dough.
     Improves machinability of the dough.
     Improves the appearance of baked products.
     Builds up the structure of the crumb.
     Decreases the shrinkage when the dough is sheeting.
     Adds minimal yeast flavor.


  • Pakmaya Gluten-Free Mixes

    Pakmaya is proud to launch the new Gluten-Free Mixes to the industry .


  • Pakmaya Datem Replacer

    Pakmaya Datem Replacer is an innovative product for bakeries who stand for clean-label-products.


  • Pakmaya Semi-Dry Yeast (for Frozen Dough Applications)

    Designed to extend the shelf life of your frozen dough products, while sustaining superior fermentation power, Pakmaya Semi-Dry Yeast delivers superior results in volume, quality and cost that exceed current industry expectations.
    It has the same characteristics of fresh yeast in a more concentrated form. Through proprietary filtration methods, it contains less water than fresh yeast. It has a strain designed to extend the shelf life of frozen dough products by giving a superior fermentation power while compared to performance of fresh yeast.


  • Pakmaya Gluten Replacer

    PAKMAYA is proud to launch its most recent product line, “GLUTEN REPLACERS”, which are enzyme-based powder blends produced in our state of the art facility.
    With PAKMAYA Gluten Replacer you will be able to save costs, and still maintain your products’ quality.
    PAKMAYA has an RD Department who travel worldwide and are ready to make tailor-made products, in accordance with your own needs.