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56745 Bell / Eifel

Heuft – The Oven Manufacturer with Tradition

Heuft are based in Bell, the heartland of German baking oven manufacturers, exclusively specialising in the production of bakery ovens since 1700.
As the oldest oven manufacturer in Germany, the traditional company possesses unique and valuable wealth of experience in the design and construction of all contemporary oven systems. Since 1968 Heuft specialises in "Thermo-Oel" ovens.
These are heated with thermal oil (“Thermo-Oel”) which is heated in the boiler and circulated through the oven hearth plates by pumps. The high heat storage capacity of the oil ensures a stable and absolutely uniform heat transfer. The temperature is always kept stable without scorching heat effects.

Be they thermal oil ovens, heat-circulation ovens, rack or shop ovens – each is a crafted masterpiece in its class and a result of the know-how and experience of designers and engineers.

The Heuft mission statement and objective are clearly defined:
Manufacturing ovens of utmost quality – without any compromises!


Product news

  • HEUFT VULKAN TURBO-THERM® - Innovation made in Bell

    The Heuft TURBO-THERM rack oven is the latest innovation by our Bell plant. A thermal-oil-air heat exchanger brings the baking air in the oven quickly to the required temperature. The TURBO-THERM makes full use of the advantages of thermal oil as a heat transfer medium, such as precise temperature control, protection against aggressive heat, energy-efficiency and low-noise operation. For large-quantity products such as croissants and bread rolls, we recommend using two trolleys for easy and fast loading/unloading. Thermo-Oel Bakers know that the TURBO-THERM produces the crunchy crust and appetizing gloss their customers are looking for. As the oven is connected to a centralized thermal oil heating system, there is no need for an additional burner or flue in the bakery. With the award-winning TURBO-THERM, Heuft offers Thermo-Oel Bakers tailor-made solutions for their specific needs.