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Bakery Solutions


9563TV Ter Apelkanaal

Bakery Solutions is a well-known name in the North of the Netherlands.
For more than twenty years we have been serving in a personal and approachable manner to bread and pastry bakers, supermarkets and retailers.

In the field of bakery establishments we offer our clients everything under one roof: from complete machinery to STABO and rise bags. Our small and accessible organisation is flexible and performance-oriented which enables us to work on tailor-made solutions at competitive prices.

Plenty of choice thanks to a wide range
Why would you choose Bakery Solutions? Because of the professional way of equipping and maintaining bakeries, of course. But the best reason for chosing us is our wide range. Thanks to many contacts with the established brands Bakery Solution offers plenty of choice from high-quality products,e.g.:

Retarder Proover
Breadslicer machines
Bakery machines