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HSL Verpackungen GmbH

HSL Verpackungen GmbH


52072 AACHEN

HSL Verpackungen GmbH was founded in 2006 by Mister Pieter Hermsen and Mister Waldemar Lubera.
The aim when founded was the optimal sale and regular supply to mainly western European clients of our plastic products such as bin liners and refuse bags..
Many years of very close cooperation with leading Polish packaging works led to an extended range of products. In addition to industrial foils, bin liners and drawstring bags bread and carrier bags were and are increasingly marketed.
In 2010 European market conditions made the decision to construct a new BOPP and CPP Plant in Poland unavoidable. Steps were taken to ensure state-of-the-art production plant and innovative process engineering in the foodstuffs products field. The prospect of future-oriented production of foils for foodstuff purposes was safeguarded by the purchase of 48,000 sqm of building space and provision of an annual production capacity of 7,000 tonnes of CPP en 18,000 tonnes of BOPP.
HSL Verpackungen GmbH stands for a wide range of productions goods and services as well as friendly and reliable customer service between eastern and western Europe.
We find solutions that meet market needs in the packaging field by working together with our clients and business associates.
Product range:
Food and freezer bags
Bin liners and wicketed bags
Refuse sacks
Draw string bags
Bread bags
Carrier bags
BOPP films MTS: biaxis oriented, five-layer film, transparent, both side sealable, one side treatment
BOPP films MTF: biaxis oriented, transparent, one side treatment