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Beldos nv

Beldos nv


2900 Schoten

Beldos N.V. was founded in 2001 in Belgium by Mr Rudy Van der Linden, born in Belgium. Beldos N.V. designs and manufactures semi- and fully automatic systems for food industry (artisan, semi- and industrial bakeries, kitchens, catering, food service, etc.):

• single depositing or multi depositing on conveyor;
• injection of éclairs, profiteroles, donuts, etc.;
• single/multi layering (tiramisu, mousse desserts, etc.),
• transfer of products from the mixing bowl to the hopper of a depositor;
• cake production (including affordable solutions for artisanal bakeries and full lines for industrial bakeries);
• horizontal slicing of sponge;
• syrup spraying;
• cake icing;
• decoration of cakes (borders, rosettes, stars, etc.);
• and many other applications.