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Dewaele Technical Agencies nv

Dewaele Technical Agencies nv


8540 Deerlijk

DTA is higly specialised in sales of industrial equipment in a wide range of applications. For the production of chocolate and chocolate products we work for TECNO 3, GAMI and FAeM. GAMI produces tempering and enrobing machines for artisal and industrial applications. TECNO 3 manufacturers of machines and equipment from roasting of the cacao beans untill the final product.


Product news


    WIth the MULTIPROCESS C we offer the small chocolate manufacturor to produce his own particular chocolate starting from nibs. The nibs are ground, refined and conched in small batches ( 5, 25 or 50 kg) , aromates can be added in order to make unique flavoured chocolate. Optionally a tempering an dosing unit can be added in order to mould chocolates or cover other products with the fresly made chocolate. TECNO 3 has a link with DOMORI in case one needs to pruchase the chocolate nibs.



    The EUROMIXERS IBC-mixers is an economic and ergonomic sulotion for converting a standard IBC into a proces mixer. The device is perfect for the mixing and dispercion of products in small batches.