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Banketbakkerij Van Strien B.V.

Banketbakkerij Van Strien B.V.


3261MG Oud-Beijerland

At Dutch bakery Van Strien we have been producing exceptional patisserie since 1938. Craftsmanship, the best ingredients and a love for baking are our secret to great-tasting profiteroles, cookies, and savoury biscuits.

The ingredients used in our products are carefully chosen, 100% natural and of the best quality. Like grass-fed butter, in house freshly cracked Rondeel eggs and real 12 months old Gouda North Holland PDO cheese. Organic and Fair Trade are possible as well.

Although our bakery in Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands is modern and equipped for the future, our products are made with traditional methods. Machines are used where possible, but only without sacrificing quality. Therefore many of our products are still partly handmade in the traditional way.

Made by craftsmen with carefully chosen ingredients - taste the difference!


Product news

  • New improved recipe of the Van Strien cream-filled profiteroles

    Van Strien patisserie was already known for their superior quality cream-filled profiteroles, but they found they could do better. Cream-filled profiteroles made with a batter of butter, flour and fresh eggs that is cooked until ready. So our bakers set out on a mission to get it right. And they did! The Van Strien profiteroles are now clean label made, with butter instead of vegetable oils.

    As the results made us very happy, both in looks and taste of the profiterole, we set out to also improve the quality of our creme Suisse. We now make our own yellow cream by cooking milk, egg yolk and bourbon vanilla to perfection. Mixed with whipped cream gives a lovely creme Suisse that goes perfectly with our profiteroles.

    So we decided to introduce 2 new products:
    All butter profiterole filled with creme Suisse - 19 gram.
    All butter midi profiterole filled with creme Suisse - 32 gram.

    Van Strien invites all visitors of the Bakkersvak 2017 to stop by at our place between the Halls and have a taste!