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AB Mauri Netherlands bv

AB Mauri Netherlands bv


3316BE Dordrecht

AB Mauri is a worldwide and leading player in the market of yeast and bread improvers. We know what happens in food and can advise you in bread trends so you can serve your customer best. As healthy food is getting more and more important to an increasing group of customers, we developed two brand new types of bread mixes which we first introduce you this Bakkersvak.

LowCatb is a breadmix which suits in a Carbon Low diet like Atkins or Paleo. The amount of carbs is only 5 grammes per 100 grammes of LowCarb Bread. In comparison: a normal wholebread contains 39 grammes of carbs per 100 grammes. This means a significant difference. LowCarb of AB Mauri is therefore one of the lowest in carbohydrates breads in the market.

Peulkorn Dark Roast
Beans and lentils are trendy. PeulKorn Darkroast is a tasty and dark bread that is prepared with pulses like: red lentils, chick peas and soy beans. This bread tastes well with both savour or sweet toppings. With Peulkorn Dark Roast you appeal to a younger target group, but it also suits to elderly people or young children who eat to little pulses.


Product news

  • AB Mauri / Gb Plange regulatory approval for acquisition

    On Monday 6th of January 2014, the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) in the UK gave regulatory approval for AB Mauri to proceed with the acquisition of Gb Plange from BI Bakery Ingredients Holding GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wilh. Wehrhahn KG.

    Following regulatory approval from the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) both businesses will now be working towards completion at the end of January 2014.

  • Saving campaign Koningsgist®

    From September 2014 until April 30th 2015 bakers can save points for nice gifts. On every Koningsgist® packaging of 10 kg you will find 1 point. You can already obtain a gift from 15 points.