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Sentho B.V.

Sentho B.V.


5405NH Uden

Sentho is your partner, consultant and performer for complex new construction and renovation projects where hygiene, fluid density and/or isolation of processing areas are important. We are specialized in the installation of hygienic, liquid-proof and/or insulating wall-, ceiling-and floor systems. Our systems are used in food-processing spaces within the food, catering and healthcare sector and are also excellent for use in storage and distribution areas, car washes, showrooms and refrigeration areas.


Product news

  • Go Back to the Future With Sentho!

    Go Back to the Future with Sentho. Sentho is know for innovation, we work with innovative products like Wonderboard Fiber Resistant panels for the walls and ceilings in the food processing industrie! And for the floor we have PVC liquid-tight tiles. To give you the best impression of the processing of the materials, Sentho created a virtual reality 360 degrees video and we will take you to the future of a processing area that has it all! This will give you a great view of the possibillities of the materials that we use!
    So besides the innovative product we have created a innovating way of showing that and will give a experience tour!
    Come and visit our booth K110!
    If you want to have the Sentho VR-experience as well, you can order for free our Sentho VR glasses*!
    * ask us for the terms.


  • Who do we work for

    In the food industry it is very important that walls and ceilings are easy to clean. Food scraps attach themselves easy to flat surfaces. Because Wonderboard panels a relief structure has put meat remainders, much more difficult than on a completely flat surface. Research has shown that a drop of water on a level surface, slide down slide, but on a base where a structure on rolls is the drop down it down making it attack better. Thanks to the relief on the Wonderboard panels is this "self-cleaning effect" reconstructed.


  • Sentho is comming massive ad!

    Sentho B.V. is in the new hygiene special summer 2015, with a massive ad! Strong is not only our ad, it says much more about us and our products. Sentho B.V. is a specialist in the delivery and implementation of hygienic finishing systems, walls, ceilings and floors.


  • New Sentho Car on the road!

    From now on our new company car is stickered and we are well recognizable to everyone. So it possible that you encounter us along the way, because Sentho is throughout Netherlands and Belgium!