Who visits?

Who visits Bakkersvak?

From all over the country bakers will visit Bakkersvak. Groups such as lunchrooms, restaurants and caterers are increasingly looking for fresh and bake-off products, which they can distinguish themselves with. Therefore these groups will find their way to the trade show.

We are glad to welcome chocolatiers, artisan ice-cream makers and pastry chefs who are looking for new ingredients or packaging. Because the industrial sector and retailers like to be inspired by the artisanal bakers they will visit Bakkersvak as well.

Visitors are:

Owner / propriertor
Bakery employee (artisanal)
Shop assistant
Production manager
Production executive (industrial)
Pastry Chef
Technical manager
Chef cook
Otherwise, namely baker at home, franchiser, quality control manager and branch manager
Product developer

Active in:

Active in:
Baked goods (Artisanal)
Baked goods (Industrial)
Delis / Sandwich shops and B&B
Ice cream parlours, coffeeshops, tea rooms
Otherwise, namely confectionery, cheese, meat, delicatessen and baker at home

Also Horeca Professionals

Besides the bakery sector, we also welcome all the horeca professionals! 6 reasons why horeca professionals visit Bakkersvak:

  • Innovatieve broodconcepten

  • Nieuwe trends in brood, banket en patisserie

  • Compleet aanbod in food & non-food

  • Ambacht gecombineerd met bake-off producten

  • Demonstraties van international niveau

  • Een gezellig dagje uit met familie

For us, bread is essential. Quality is important, so we use a lot of sourdough bread. On Bakkersvak, we hope to discover which types of bread we can use at our restaurant.

Gert-Jan van Soelen, Café-Restaurant De Roestelberg

As catering professional, you have to be distinctive about bread. Certainly for the lunch menu, but also during dinner I want to surprise my guests. The trick is to be slightly different and continu to be variating. To find inspiration about this, I like to visit Bakkersvak!

Dolf Colen, Pub Stoffel