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MCH Messe Schweiz - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland
05 - 06/06/2019

Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG

Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG


8260 Stein am Rhein

Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG is part of the worldwide Phoenix Mecano AG Group. At our site in Stein am Rhein we have around 125 employees who develop, produce, sell and process solutions and components for industrial uses. Alongside our wide range of casings, our product range also consists of membrane keyboards, front foil and arm support systems. We are highly flexible when it comes to casings. Customers can customise the colour, fittings or mechanical processing and we will create it within just a few days. We can do this for as little as a single unit. Alongside this we provide profile mounting systems made from aluminium and mechanical components such as electric cylinders, lifting columns, linear units and even coin validators to support your automation applications. We also provide actuators for use in the care, home and office furnishings industry. Electronic components such as terminals, coding switches, spring contacts, reactors and inductors or backplanes are also available.

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