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MCH Messe Schweiz - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland
07 - 08/06/2017

beltronic Industrie-PC AG

beltronic Industrie-PC AG


8455 Rüdlingen

Beltronic Industrial PC is a registered trademark of beltronic Industrial PC AG which stands for rugged embedded computer systems solutions, to be used under harsh and critical Industrial and Military environmental conditions. beltronic Industrie PC is a Swiss supplier of rugged computers and displays since 1986, with a ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facility in Germany. Based on highly reliable embedded COTS components and devices we are focused on innovation to develop rugged and reliable system solutions to achieve cost-effective rugged and reliable system solutions which comply with the customer project specifications.

Beginning with the development phase through design-in and beyond, we provides our customers with advice and support as well as with system design, configuration and environmental qualification in accordance with industry and MIL-Standards.

The company structure is extremely flexible, due to that fact and due to our experience we're able to solve even difficult tasks for our clients. Specific solutions are available even for small quantities. Besides our own product range we have a long time experience in customizing rugged GETAC Notebooks for various MIL-Applications


Product news

  • Introducing the beltronic-IPC ORCA Tactical Terminal

    It meets MIL-810 environmental requirements, as well as high EMC/EMI standards. The 10" display with a touch option is fully daylight readable. The system is fan less and it is available with Atom or Core i5/i7 mobile CPU versions.

    To receive the technical datasheet please fill in our contact form.