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MCH Messe Schweiz - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland
07 - 08/06/2017

Dunkermotoren GmbH

Dunkermotoren GmbH


79848 Bonndorf

As an innovative and quality-conscious company with over 1000 employees developing and producing sophisticated linear and rotary motor systems from our production and logistics sites in Germany, Serbia, China and the USA, Dunkermotoren’s global footprint is able to offer you a worldwide operating partner for electric motion control solutions.
All of the components in our various innovative motor solutions are designed and produced by us at Dunkermotoren. With motors capable of up to 1100 Watts output power including integrated logic and power electronics plus field bus interfaces, our modular system offers you high flexibility. All product lines are manufactured at our headquarters in Bonndorf in the heart of the Black Forest, with additional production sites located in China and in Serbia. We believe that tradition and innovation are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary; with consistent above-average growth rates Dunkermotoren has proven it year after year.

Now part of the global AMETEK group, we can offer our customers both the flexibility of a medium-sized company as well as the advantages of an international organization.
With sales offices in Europe, Asia and in USA as well as more than 25 overseas representatives we guarantee proximity to our customers. All over the globe we offer a local contact to meet your needs.


Product news

  • Dunkermotoren’s BLDC motor BG 65 is now available with Profinet interface

    Dunkermotoren’s brushless DC motor BG 65 is now available with its integrated Profinet interface which is compatible with Siemens controllers of S7 series. With function blocks the motor is simple to integrate into PLC controllers.
    With a continuous output power of 60 – 190 W and a peak of 341 W the BG 65 PN with its compact design is perfectly qualified for the industrial automation and engineering. Through the integrated absolute encoder no referencing is necessary.
    The BG 65 PN according to Dunkermotoren is applicable in applications such as linear axis or lifting cylinders for positioning tasks.
    With its integrated modular system Dunkermotoren is able to provide their customers the perfect drive solution with suitable gearboxes – planetary and worm gearboxes with a continuous torque up to 160 Nm.


  • BGA 22 – Ironless BLDC motor now available with gearboxes and integrated controller

    The BGA 22x22 dCore from Dunkermotoren is now available with a suitable gearbox, encoder and controller. The innovative, ironless, axial flow design of the BGA 22 provides definite advantages such as zero-cogging torque, low vibration, and very low audible noise.
    In addition to this new motor, there is a four-quadrant controller, BGE 6005 with CANopen interface which can supply currents up to 5A…also available now. Furthermore, the RE22 encoder is offered with 256 ppr or 360 ppr, matches the BGA 22’s diameter, and can be mounted to the motor. For simple applications, Dunkermotoren can offer the BGA 22 dGo version with integrated commutation electronics and functions such as change of direction, start/stop, speed set input and speed output signal.
    The available PLG 22 and PLG 24 planetary gearboxes can provide a nominal torque of up to 1.5 Nm.


  • ST Series linear motor now available with Profinet drive

    The ST Series linear motor from Dunkermotoren now available with Profinet drive, DME 230x4. In combination with this Profinet drive, the ST linear motors allow for easy integration into Siemens controller environments. The linear system with DME 230x4 provides high dynamic motion and good controllability for quick and precise positioning.
    The ST Series ServoTube is commonly found in industrial machinery, laboratory equipment and test systems. Since there are no meshing mechanical parts such as gears or screws, the ServoTube linear motor assures extremely quiet operation. Applications with lifetimes requiring more than 50,000 km (31,000 miles) are not uncommon for the ST Series motor. Therefore, the ServoTube is vastly superior to pneumatic cylinders. Speeds up to 10m/s, accelerations up to 600m/s², peak forces up to 1860N and protection classes up to IP67 are achievable with the ST Series linear motor.


  • Power and functionality unified

    With the BG 95 dPro CANopen, Dunkermotoren successfully launched a compact drive based on a brushless DC motor with an output power of over 1 kW. The drive with its integrated control and power electronics can provide 1100 W continuous mechanical output power and has an integrated CANopen interface for an easy integration into a CANopen network. With voltage variants from 24 up to 60 VDC the drive is able to excel in a wide range of applications.
    The BG 95 dPro CANopen convinces not only with a permanent out power of 1100 W. Elaborated algorithms calculate the warming of the winding and the semiconductors in advance. Thus, the drive can be temporarily overloaded way above its continuous output power without any damage.
    The integrated CANopen interface of the BG 95 dPro CANopen is compatible with DS402 (cf. IEC 61800-7) and accepts user-friendly quick start instructions. With its robust design and voltage variants from 24 up to 60 VDC the BG 95 dPro CANopen is suitable for battery applications as well as for applications, in which hydraulics are used up to now.
    The space-saving and weatherproof design of the BG 95 dPro CANopen convinces especially in autonomous shuttles, in industrial automation, in solar applications, in door applications, in medical engineering and in special engineering.
    To ease the installation, the BG 95 dPro CANopen is equipped with standard flange and standard shaft according to DIN EN 50347 and a robust plug. CAN IN and CAN OUT connectors are separate, which makes an additional, external T-piece redundant.
    The new BG 95 dPro CANopen is available in two sizes – BG 95x40 and BG 95x80. It extends the modular system of Dunkermotoren in terms of higher output power. It can be combined with planetary and worm gearboxes as well as with encoders and brakes by Dunkermotoren. They are already tailored to the motor during design.