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MCH Messe Schweiz - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland
07 - 08/06/2017

Abnox AG

Abnox AG


6330 Cham

For 70 years ABNOX has been the system partner for integrated processes in the Area of Metering, Lubrication, and Clamping Technology.
The leading manufacturer and provider of innovative and high-quality pumps and valves for conveying, dosing and application of lubricants as well as high-pressure pumps and valves for clamping systems.
ABNOX develops and manufactures application systems for customized greasing of components.
The overall technical solutions and quality products from ABNOX are used in the automotive industry, machinery industry, apparatus manufactures, assembly technology, metal processing- and woodworking industry.


Product news

  • The new Dosing Devices AXDD

    With the new ABNOX Standard Dosing Device, you can now design your grease application processes to be even more efficient and cleaner. Thanks to this ABNOX standard, the shortest delivery, setup and commissioning times can be guaranteed, since only the customer specific application nozzle (mandrel or nest) has to be adapted to your original component.
    Thanks to the two mounting holes, this device is easy to integrate into existing workstations and/or assembly lines. Connect the pump and compressed air, set the metered volume – done!
    The metering process is started automatically by pressing down on the component placed on the nozzle. The preset metered volume is applied to the component – the same amount with every cycle! The pull-back effect when closing the valve prevents dripping of the medium after the metering process.


  • ABNOX - Insights

    High-tech engineering, Swiss quality and comprehensive service:
    This range of services made ABNOX one of the world’s leading providers of products and services for Lubricating, Metering and
    Clamping engineering.
    Enjoy an insight into the entire range of ABNOX Ltd.


  • ABNOX Metering Valves C Series - Save costs through precise application of expensive lubricant

    Exact dosages and accurate dispensing mean clean, correct lubrication.
    With the ABNOX volumetric Metering Valves from C-Serie you lubricate your devices even more effectively.
    Through the perfectly synchronized dosage quantities, the lubricant can be applied point-precise onto the correct place, with the result of more reliability, cleanness and less wastage.
    That means for you winning time for optimising your resources, more added value and being more capable of competing.
    These space-saving Metering Valves with highest process reliability at dispensing range from 1 up to 6'000 mm3 are applicable everywhere.
    Save costs by accurately applying expensive lubricant and be up to the high-quality standard of your products.


  • The Drum Pumps in the AXFP Series for lubricants

    Rational, fast, clean conveying directly from the original drums. ABNOX Drum Pumps is suitable for transferring lubricants of medium to high viscosity levels as well as silicon greases.
    In the first place, all lubricating and metering systems require excellent supply. Only when the lubricant is supplied reliably and with constant pressure, consistent process safety will be guaranteed.
    For this reason, the generation of ABNOX drum pumps AXFP convince through utmost quality and cost effectiveness.


  • Compact and space saving: The grease supply system from AXKP-serie for fast processes

    The ABNOX grease supply system from AXKP-serie from small containers: Compact, efficient, modern, and powerful! Versatile use as a local delivery pump, transfer or decanting system, or as a direct feed pump for metering valves.
    ABNOX offers premium quality in all regards, namely a grease supply system with a high pressure rating and long service life, as well as the best possible customer value: Top quality design and fabrication at an excellent price/performance ratio.


  • Professional lubrication from A to Z

    Lubrication technology for the professional - without professional maintenance - no process reliability.
    Whether elements for machine construction or lubricating units for service work, ABNOX has the right technology for your application.
    Our many years of experience and our expertise in lubrication technology enable us to manufacture quality products, offering our customers increased advantages of use.
    Our flexible modular system provides fast and economical solutions, custom made for your requirements.


  • If technique requires high pressures – ABNOX High Pressure Technology for precision clamping!

    A high-performance clamping system distinguishes itself in that each system component is tuned optimally to one another. And here lies the strength of ABNOX as a system partner: a flexible pump program for high and controlled pressures, paired with engineering Expertise.
    Special high pressure inlet and out-let valves complete the product line.