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07 - 08/06/2017

Harmonic Drive AG Schweiz

Harmonic Drive AG Schweiz


4632 Trimbach

In over 40 years of operation, Harmonic Drive AG has developed into a prestige solution provider for high precision drive technology with around 400 employees at its Limburg facility
in Germany.

Whether it is servo actuators, direct drives, gears with the strain wave gear principle, planetary gears or special drives to meet individual customer specifications – Harmonic Drive AG designs, develops, produces and its clients with technically advanced, innovative products which are characterised by excellent lifetime precision, high power density and compact, lightweight designs.

For demanding industrial applications, Harmonic Drive AG is the market leader in the manufacture of zero backlash and high precision innovative drive technology products. Over 25,000 different product versions are available, more than 80% of which are customer specific solutions.

In order to understand its customers more quickly, Harmonic Drive AG has now converted its long standing regional sales teams into branch sales teams. This change facilitates the necessary speed the process of brainstorming and subsequent implementation of projects.
Specialist engineering knowledge is provided in the branches of robotics, handling and automation, in the field of machine tools and general machine building, in semiconductor and medical technology, in packaging machines and in the aerospace industry and defence technology. These branch teams combine specialist knowledge for individual applications.

Harmonic Drive® Products reach the highest levels of reliability and safety, and
are ideally suited for the space and aviation industry. In addition, Harmonic Drive AG ensures special diligence in the development process by their highly qualified engineers - this is also confirmed by the certifications in the field of aerospace.

With EN 9100 certification, Harmonic Drive AG meets both industrial requirements and even more demanding specifications for the aerospace industry and defence technology. Additional requirements for environmental management and occupational health and safety are also observed and monitored annually.

Harmonic Drive AG is a global company and covers a sales area stretching from South America to India through international subsidiaries, agencies and direct sales. The subsidiary Micromotion GmbH based in Mainz and sister company Ovalo GmbH based in Limburg also rely on Harmonic Drive® Technology in combination with special production technology in the field of microsystems technology and for large scale production.

The East Asia/Pacific zone from China to Australia is served by the Japanese partner company Harmonic Drive Systems based in Tokyo. The North and Central America zone is covered by the partner company Harmonic Drive LLC based in Boston, USA. Harmonic Drive® Products are used worldwide. This unique gearing technology is developed and produced under the global Harmonic Drive® Brand.

In 2015 the Harmonic Drive Group, as a leading manufacturer of mechatronic drive systems and precision gears, achieved a turnover of 83 million euros with around 400 employees and 20,400 m² of factory and office space.

Harmonic Drive AG – Milestones

1955 – Invention of the strain wave gear (Walton Musser, USA)
1970 – Foundation of Harmonic Drive® Companies in Germany and Japan
1998 – Start of gear production in Limburg/Lahn
2002 – Establishment of Mechatronics Development department
2006 – Setup of Harmonic Drive® Development Centre
2010 – Start of motor production in Limburg/Lahn
2013 – Extension of production area by 4.100 m²
2014 – Start of cross roller bearing production in Limburg/Lahn