Why exhibit?

Meet new sales leads

Improve position

By participating in Automation, you will improve your competitor position. Profile your company right in the heart of the target group.

Increase synergy

By cooperating in the total chain you will increase the synergy with chain-colleagues.

Show distinction

Show your target group the distinctiveness and USP's. Why is your company different than the others?

Come meet new sales leads face to face

Automation puts you right in the heart of your target group. We provide you with everything you need to come meet new sales leads face to face. Participation requires minimal preparation time; be part of it and do business!

  • The show lasts two days, putting minimum demands on your staff time.
  • The event is being strongly promoted through a targeted marketing campaign to ensure maximum attendance by operations managers, technical managers, engineers, project managers, R&D specialists, ICT specialists and purchasers.
  • Automation is literally the core of the three reinforcing shows.