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0212 Oslo

Höegh Autoliners is a leading global provider of RoRo (Roll on Roll off) transportation services, carrying close to six million cubic metres of high and heavy and breakbulk cargo annually worldwide. The company operates around 50 RoRo vessels in global trade systems and makes about 3000 port calls each year. Our worldwide trade systems provide regular liner services for your cargo to a variety of ports.

Global strength with personal service
Höegh Autoliners’ philosophy is to be a global partner with local experience. We operate through 20 local offices and a network of dedicated agents around the world that offer our customers professional local competence and knowledge

Flexible and modern fleet
We continuously assess our customers’ transportation and logistics requirements. As a result, during 2015-2016, we took delivery of our New Horizon vessels. With the new vessel design together with specially designed cargo handling equipment, we are able to cater for a wider range of cargo, adding greater flexibility to our fleet and thus enhancing the service we offer our customers.

The New Horizon series are the world’s largest RoRo vessels, carrying up to 8 500 car equivalent units, offering 6.5 metres of free deck height, 12 metres ramp width and capacity to take cargo weighting up to 375 tonnes.

Underdeck stowage
When transporting your cargo on board our RoRo vessels you can always be assured that it is safely stowed under deck. This means that there is no risk for seawater to contaminate your cargo during transportation.

Specialised equipment
Transporting cargo is a precise operational process that requires experienced personnel and dependable equipment. High and heavy, breakbulk, project and other out-of-gauge cargo require flexible cargo handling equipment that we provide.

Höegh Autoliners’ fleet of rolltrailers incorporate several different sizes of cargo carrying equipment ranging from 20 to 80 feet with the capacity to handle cargo up to 160MT. Our professional cargo operation team will find the most suitable equipment and way of handling your cargo safely on board our vessels.

Professional operation
Secure and safe transportation of your cargo to its destination is a key priority for us at Höegh Autoliners. We provide careful operational supervision when transporting your cargo. When the cargo is ready for shipment, our skilled Port Captains carefully monitor the cargo operations during load and discharge. Having our Port Captains on-site provides both flexibility and smooth execution.

During sailing, our experienced crew are continuously monitoring all cargo to ensure that it stays safe during the entire journey. Our crew are trained at reputable universities and schools always focusing on quality and safety.

To ensure our crew and personnel are always up-to-date with the latest advances in best practices and to refine their practical skills in cargo handling operations, we provide continuous training and education.

When required, our professional cargo handling team will also be involved in the pre-shipment phase and support you in the preparation of your cargo. They can for example, visit the factory or packing site to identify and minimise any securing, handling or quality concerns.

Rail cargo
To ensure the smooth transportation of rail cargo, our longer rolltrailers (62’, 72’ and 80’) are fitted with rails for easy and safe handling of railcars/tramways with bogies. This mode of transportation is cost-efficient and ensures efficient and safe load and discharge operations.

To remove the risk of damage to cargo during transport, we have developed our own bridges that make the transfer from truck to rolltrailer very smooth. The bridges eliminate the need for crane lifting in both load and discharge port as the railcars can be directly rolled on and off the rolltrailer, which is equipped with rail tracks. This makes the operation safer and less costly than with crane lifts.

Transporting longer cargo
For rail units longer than 27 metres, we use our Extended rolltrailer concept which involves placing two railed rolltrailers in front of each other and connecting them with the Höegh Bridge.

Sensitive cargo
Sophisticated, high value cargo with large dimensions is usually packed by the manufacturers or dedicated packing companies. When we transport the cargo, it will first be safely lashed on to our rolltrailers and then to designated lashing points on deck.

Our Port Captains supervise the lashing of the cargo and will ensure that the manufacturer’s specific instructions as well as safety aspects are taken into consideration when securing the cargo. By transporting cargo on our modern rolltrailers and securing it at the designated lashing points, we ensure that it is safely transported to its destination.

Catering for wider cargo
For exceptionally wide cargo, we have developed our unique Double-wide rolltrailer concept which involves two 40 feet rolltrailers positioned side-by-side, joined together by a coupling system. We have also developed our own twin gooseneck, ensuring the tugmaster has a firm hold of the rollrailer at all times during the transport.

Equipment for higher cargo
To cater for higher breakbulk and project cargo, we developed the Superlow rolltrailer. These rolltrailers are only 0.47cm high and are designed to load breakbulk cargo that is 25-30cm higher than what we were previously able to transport.

No matter the size and shape of your cargo, you can be sure that Höegh Autoliners will take care of it during the entire transportation process.