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United Cargo Management

United Cargo Management


29403 Charleston
United States

Complex World Delivered Solutions

United Cargo Management supports our customers by creating unique and customized logistics solutions that help our customers gain a competitive advantage.
We have enjoyed our customers long term support by leveraging our partnerships with carriers, truckers, airlines, warehouses and associations like, Marco Polo Line Group, to ensure velocity, consistency and market leading pricing.
Our experience, knowledge and aggressiveness help us to consistently offer solutions to each opportunity our customers are looking to develop and to help them improve their profitability.
The key foundation is our people and we believe that by hiring, training and retaining top industry professionals allows us to execute on the commitments we make and the service you expect. Our people are our most important asset and how we navigate the complexities of International and domestic trade.
We offer a full suite of end to end solutions for Ocean Freight, Air, Domestic, Expedite and Out of Gauge/Project or Charter type cargoes. Many of the solutions we create combine different services and providers that we manage to meet your required delivery dates. Our scope and range of services cover shipments to and from North America as well as many shipments that move intra-Asia, Asia to North and South America, Middle East, Africa and Europe.
There are many companies that offer service, but the differentiation a UCM customer experiences is our people who aggressively create, manage and execute in a 24/7 trade environment. We are available to you as we understand that Global Trade does not sleep and it’s a working day in some time zone around the world at all times.
We have found that we have successfully carved out a niche in this industry, by being pro-active, identifying industry trends, helping predict the market and finding ways to smooth out variation and drive consistency in supply chains. We earn our future by executing each day for our customers.
You certainly know what has not worked in the logistics field, we all have had those not so pleasant experiences. This time, why not try UCM and see if what we say meets your test of what you expect?