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OCTRA Transport & Engineering

OCTRA Transport & Engineering


75002 PARIS

OCTRA is expert in the transport of Global Project and Heavy-Lift components. We mainly assist petrochemical, offshore, civil engineering, grid and nuclear industries.
Our key feature is based on the concept of transport engineering that we apply to all our complex operations and gives us a unique identity within the sector. Our internal team of engineers (naval architects, civil & structural engineers) are specialized and dedicated to heavy or sensitive transportation.
OCTRA and its group of companies offers more than 30 years of experience worldwide and bring you not only transportation expertise but a full inhouse and integrated engineering solution.
OCTRA proposes a real and unique added value by providing efficient consulting, suitable technical advice and high skill analysis on top of the sensitive heavy lift transportation scope.


Product news

  • OCTRA - Expertise in combining engineering and heavy lift transport performance

    OCTRA at work with a 225 tons component ready to be discharged after a smart and secured seapassage.
    Conduct and achieve a safe heavy lift transport operation requires that relevant engineering is done ahead but most important remains that results are strictly implemented on field.