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Heavy Handling BVBA - Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy

Heavy Handling BVBA - Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy


9130 Beveren

“More and more leading breakbulk terminals are investing in Mantsinen hydraulic cranes because of the great improvements in speed, safety and automatization. The operational benefits and lower cost of operation enables them to stay on top of their game and keep the title of the world’s most efficient breakbulk terminals.”

MANTSINEN builds the largest hydraulic material handling machines and cranes in the world and supplies them through an extensive dealer network worldwide. MANTSINEN also provides large scale logistic services in Finland and Russia.

We are a family owned company with over 500 employees in Finland, Russia and Sweden. Our company is headquartered in Joensuu, Finland where we have also our production facilities. Our heart has been beating to port and terminal logistics since 1963