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Haven Genk N.V.

Haven Genk N.V.


3600 Genk

Haven Genk, an inland port along the ‘Albertkanaal’ is a trimodal container terminal with her own road, water and railway connection. It offers customers a complete range of services as can be expected from a port operator;
• container handling and transport,
• conventional cargo and bulk;
• tailor made door-to-door delivery (no loss of warehouse staff time due to delays in road transport);
• punctual shuttle connection;
• an ecologically sound transport method;
• no delays due to congestion on the access roads to the seaports.

NV Haven Genk - Kolenhavenstraat 6 - 3600 Genk - Tel: (089)30 06 60 - Fax: (089)30 06 70 - e-mail: info@havengenk.be - website: www.havengenk.be