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Hartel Shipping & Chartering Bv


3233AM Oostvoorne


From our office in Oostvoorne our dedicated staff operates a modern Dutch fleet of 6 identical coaster-mpp tweendeckers (Damen Combi Freighter 3850) with removable tweendecks – full cover - and bulkheads. We ship almost all commodities which do not fit into the standard containers.

We invite you to step on board with us in the knowledge that your cargo is in good hands with our experienced crew and explore the possibilities of our regular service from Baltic/Continent/UK/Ireland to Medditerian/Black Sea including Sea of Azov v.v.

An open (sea)waterway from Continent to Black Sea without borders and 365 days a year open for traffic. Our goal is to stay flexible in the possibilities from small (break)bulk (part)cargoes upto complex and time-bound projects. In order to achieve this we do not have long term contracts in our portfolio and therefore we constantly operate in the spot market to give the best possible performance to our clients.

In this high demanding market with rapid changes we found our key of success in using the knowledge of different independent shipping companies (Hartel - Hudig & Veder and Kroezen Ship’s support) who joint forces in one group (Vliet Shipping) and take care of the financing, insurance, maintenance, crewing and operations in order to keep the fleet up and running and in perfect condition.

Hartel, your Black Sea partner since 1990, almost 3 decades a reliable breakbulk service to and from the Black Sea.


Product news

  • The Aqualiner, Antwerp's public transport on the Schelde, Hartel shipped these to Rotterdam, whereafter final delivery to Antwerp took place.

    At the start of this year, two new Aqualiners of DeWaterbus were commissioned in Antwerp. The vessels were simultaneously christened in Willemstad on the 29th of December. The ships, built by Damen in Turkey, had arrived in Rotterdam earlier that month after having been transported by sea aboard the MV Haringvliet of Hartel Shipping & Chartering.

    Aqualiner is the operator of DeWaterbus in Antwerp. By order of the Antwerp Port Authority, it deploys several fast ships to provide daily public transport across the Scheldt. The new ships are named Aqua Jade and Aqua Emerald.

    The composite vessels were designed and built by Damen Shipyards at the shipyard in Antalya, Turkey.
    Damen used Hartel Shipping & Chartering for the sea transport. The Oostvoorne-based company specialises in transport to and from destinations in the Black Sea region.

    Hartel used one of its six own ships, the MV Haringvliet. The 24.50-metre long and 7-metre wide catamarans were hoisted aboard the double decker on the 3rd of December. On the 18th of December, the MV Haringvliet arrived in Rotterdam, where the Aqua Jade and Aqua Emerald were unloaded at the Broekman Logistics terminal and Damen took delivery of the ships.

    Soon thereafter, another transport followed. This time, only one ship was involved. On the 10th of January, Hartel delivered the last waterbus in this series for Antwerp using the MV Noordvliet.

    (source of this news item: https://www.projectcargojournal.com/modalities/2019/01/18/hartel-transports-new-aqualiners-from-turkey-to-rotterdam/)

  • No boundries for short sea

    Hartel your Black Sea partner

    We are the link between old and new energy sources, shipping it through whole Europe. We have a young modern fleet with 6 equal tweendecker vessels, fully equiped with lashing materials. The perfect partners for your precious breakbulk cargoes.

    Our international, young and enthusiastic team will assist you with booking your cargoes from all areas and ports ranging from Baltic all the way to Sea of Azov, almost 5000 NM short sea without boundries!

    Almost 30 years Hartel is offering it's excellent service, all year round.

    At your service!