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Empros Lines Shipping Company SA

Empros Lines Shipping Company SA


15124 Maroussi, Athens

 Established in 1950 as Liner operator, commercial and technical manager of dry cargo vessels/dry bulk commodities.
 The company charters about 150 vessels of 8000-90000 dwt, transports about 1,5 million ton of bulk cargo and about 450.000 freight tons of project/unitized cargoes annually.
 Provides regular sailings ex Antwerp-Rotterdam-Hamburg and Bremen to Marmara Sea, South Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Tunisia, Algeria, Cyprus and Greece.
 Specialized in the carriage of project cargoes such as windmills, steel structures, generators & transformers, rail cars etc.
 Empros Lines provides high quality transportation service to the steel mills. The Company is specialized in the shipping of primary steel products, semi-finished products: billets, blooms, slabs and ingots, or finished products: coils, sheets, profiles, pipes etc.
 Logs, palletized sawn timber, wood pulp, paper on reels is another group of products Empros Lines is involved.