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Radientum Oy - Custom Antenna Design
We help our customers to develop custom antenna solution for their particular applications where off-the-shelf antennas cannot fulfill performance requirements. Antenna design at Radientum is based on...
Metecno Oy - Lathe and reinforcing machine for welding discs
With this unique MeteCNC lathe machine you can automatically turn copper discs used in welding. The machine is easily transferable and very capable of being used in day-to-day functions. This machine ...
Signal conditioners for production control and manufacturing, data acquisition systems for IoT, weighing electronics
Tamspark Oy - EOS 3D-tulostimet
Teollisuuden käyttämät tuotantoratkaisut sekä polymeeri- että metallitulostukseen.
Protech Lahti Oy - MakerBot METHOD
MakerBot Method – 3D-tulostin teollisuuteen MakerBot Method tulostaa PLA ja Tough PLA materiaaleja, jotka soveltuvat mm. prototyyppien ja työkalujen valmistukseen. 3D-tulostin on suunniteltu erity...
Lindberg-Lund Oy - Araldite 2050 Structural adhesive
Araldite 2050 Adhesive for arctic environment Key benefits: Ultra-fast curing from -20 to 25 degrees without additional heat Virtually no surface preparation Outstanding adhesion to dissimilar substr...