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Labra AI Oy

Labra AI Oy


02150 Espoo

We are a partner for companies who aspire to extract the maximum value from their data. We build custom artificial intelligence solutions for individual problems, which ensures the best possible results and competitive advantage.

We have successfully executed various projects related to visual-, signal- and numeric data in the industrial sector. Our premise is fast prototyping from an idea to a working solution which is then developed into a value generating solution.

We develop AI for our clients in three stages – ideation, prototyping and operation.

Firstly, in the AI Blueprint stage, we exchange domain knowledge with the client, identify AI opportunities and create a roadmap for the most promising opportunity.

Secondly, in the AI Core stage, we gather the necessary data, build a proof-of-concept and iterate it into an AI Solution.

Lastly, in the AI Apex stage, we build the data pipeline, integrate your AI solution and maintain it.