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Roima Intelligence’s mission is to keep European industry competitive. Roima was established by bringing together the leading developers of product management, enterprise resource planning, operations management, machine vision, warehouse management and logistics. We have 30 years of experience, Finland’s most competent professionals and the leading software solutions.
We strive to support networked industry. Boosting the processes of technology and food and beverage industries is our specialty, and we truly understand the needs of companies in these sectors. We utilize international operations management platforms provided by our trusted partners Aveva, Osisoft and Quintiq. Our customers include Atria, Beneq, Fastems, Marel, Patria, Snellman, Valmet Automotive and 300 other growth-oriented companies in Finland and globally.
Roima’s 250 professionals work in Finland, Sweden and in the Netherlands. We are a growing company; in 2017, Roima ranked 16th in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 list.


Product news

  • Logia Software merges with Roima

    In a short time, Roima has grown into an international solution provider whose headcount after the Logia acquisition amounts to over 250 professionals and revenue to over 34 million euros.
    For the customers, the merger of Roima and Logia translates into an even broader offering of solutions and expertise and more comprehensive services. The merger supports the trends in the industry toward the concentration of purchases to a smaller set of carefully selected partners and the standardization of operations across sites and locations. The aim is to achieve increased transparency of operations and better measurability while facilitating the management and mutual comparability of different plants and locations.
    The entry of Logia reinforces Roima’s logistics expertise, providing the customers everything they need for the efficient management of the entire supply chain under one roof, procurement operations included.


  • Roima supports SabriScan’s global manufacturing

    SabriScan wanted to develop the control and management of the company’s international network of subcontractors. In addition, they were looking for new and efficient methods and tools to support the company’s sales process. SabriScan has a global network of several manufacturing subcontractors and own subsidiaries. With the support of Roima’s solutions, SabriScan will be able to gain better visibility of its network and efficiently harness its full potential. A significant improvement will be the digital control of work queues; for example, instead of whiteboards previously used for daily production management, SabriScan will use Roima’s system, which also ensures that the schedule and load of different manufacturing units will be kept under control.
    “We have great expectations for our cooperation. The transparency of our global manufacturing and real-timeliness of information is especially important”, states Jarno Lundahn, Production Manager at SabriScan Oy.


  • Roima and Lapua Chains enter cooperation

    Special focus is naturally placed on giving a substantial boost to the company’s order-to-delivery process.
    The problem with the old system was that it has very restricted functionalities and does not support mobile use. In addition, data is scattered across several systems which are not mutually integrated. This has resulted in a great number of double entries and, hence, in increased susceptibility to errors, states the company’s Product Development and Quality Control Manager Tomi Ulvila. Ulvila has high expectations for the new system, and as the system administrator, he will be following the deployment of the system very closely.

    The aim of the system changeover is to streamline all operations, which will be perceived as increased delivery reliability and shorter delivery times. At the same time, the aim is to automate the processes of financial administration and, achieve a better real-time view of the company’s finances. Automatization will also bring direct cost savings.


  • Ratkaisut älykkään teollisuuden tarpeisiin

    Eikö olisi kätevää, jos samalta kumppanilta saisi ratkaisut niin tuotteen suunnitteluvaiheeseen, valmistukseen kuin toimitukseen ja huoltoon? Olisihan se, ja siksi Roima Intelligence on olemassa! Olemme luotettu ja osaava kumppani juuri Sinun yrityksesi kaikkiin tarpeisiin, koko tuotteen elinkaaren aikana, koko tilaus-toimitusketjun matkalla.
    Tervetuloa tapaamaan tuotehallinnan ja toiminnanohjauksen Roimat asiantuntijamme Advanced Engineering 2019 -messuilla! Löydät meidät osastolta 411.
    Kannattaa tulla kuulolle myös torstaina klo 13, kun messulavalla on Seppo Pyykkö, joka kertoo, miten edelläkävijäyritys Fastems hoitaa projektitalon tuotetiedonhallinnan ja tilaus-toimitusketjun. Tukena heillä on Roiman koetellut ratkaisut Aton ja Lean System.