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iProtoXi offers “one-stop-shopping” design for innovative customer specific solutions. First of all our IoT services are especially suitable for modular and energy-efficient Internet-of-Things wearables. Furthermore our Aistin Blue and Aistin IoT Blue product platforms can be fully customized to meet customer requirements and therefore enabling significant savings in both time and expense.

Our product platforms can be licensed for your product development. You can build your IoT service for your own application area using our Sensor products and Aistin product platforms without developing your own devices.

Even more our service chain includes everything you may need: electronics and physical device design, embedded software, mobile applications and cloud services. As a result we support our customers from rapid prototyping and application development, through to manufacturing and mass production.

Therefore we help your business to build the product from idea to implementation and there to mass production, or anything between.


Product news

  • iProtoXi Oy and Vexve Oy sign a cooperation agreement

    iProtoXi and Vexve have signed a cooperation agreement for development and product supply of IoT solutions for district energy networks. IoT solution systems have successfully been tested at Vexve's customer environments during 2017 and 2018.

  • iProtoXi is part of Construction Site Safety project

    Within this two year project, safety issues and detection methods are studied by consortium participants, resulting information to develop methods, device solutions and reactive system to avoid injuries and dangerous situations at construction site.

  • iProtoXi customer's product was in the finals at the 10th IOT / WT Innovation World Cup®

    SKIIOT is a skiing analyzer that brings ski sport to the 21st century. It is a seven sensor IoT device that measures everything you need to know about your skiing performance and surrounding conditions.
    iProtoXi was a key technology development partner iProtoXi designed the HW, SW and test application as well as integrated the customer’s algorithm.

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  • iProtoXi customer product Anaxeos among the finalists at the 10th IOT / WT Innovation World Cup®

    ANAXEOS by ANAXEOS (Finland) was one of the five finalists of the AiQ Smart Clothing Special Prize.

    ANAXEOS is a lightweight smart vest for dogs with sensors that track things such as dog’s heart rate, temperature, location and activity tracking and is connected to a cloud and a mobile app that then reveals the data and interprets them helping the dog’s owner to take action. iProtoXi’s role in the development process was the firmware and HW design and supporting and guiding production and approval tests.

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