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Wiitta Oy

Wiitta Oy



Wiitta Oy is professional in plastics injection molding. Over 45 years of operation, the company has established position as one of the leading manufacturers in its field of expertice. Our talented team is ready to take Your challenge to the goal and beyond!

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Product news

  • Our ISO 9001:2015 -certificate was renewed

    Certification is not only a way to build trust, but also way to improve your business. Our business is complying to ISO 9001:2015, the latest revision, and actually we were one of the first companies in the World to get this recognition from Bureau Veritas back in 2015. Now, after three years, the certification was renewed after detailed audit.

    Not only management system is certified. Our long history with own products has entitled us several product certificates in different countries of Europe. Annually, we have privilege to host several audits by independent parties to emphasize our skills and ability to manage both the business and the processes leading to top of the class products and services for our customers' success.

    Trustful business since 1972!