X Meeting Point
Oslo, Norway
20 - 21/09/2017

Stay tuned for this years' seminar programme

Get knowledge and inspiration from experts, who will help you succeed in your business. When you have signed up to attend the show, all seminars are free of charge. Find out how to make your job easier or discover something new about the latest trends from experts, leaders, and professional peers.

Listen to inspiring seminars

Tom Nordlie, mental coach and expert commentator
Jowan Österlund, CEO Biohax
Paneldiskussion: Industry 4.0 in the Nordics
Amin Shahrestani Azar, Research Scientist
Bård Eker, CEO, Eker Design AS
Kåre Kaasmoen, Product Manager, Jakob Hatteland Computers AS
Maria Strømme, professor of nanotechnology, Uppsala university

Hans Christian Lønstad, CTO, Data Respons
Amin Shahrestani, Research Scientist
Ieva Martinkenaite, Vice-President, Head of Digital Innovation. Network Telenor Research
Nuria Espallargas, CTO, Seram Coatings
Aleksander Langmyhr, CEO, Dimension 10 AS



Victor Luo, Senior Technical Lead and Human Interfaces Engineer, NASA
Tom Kristian Venger, leader, NFA Robotics
Roger Schjerva, economist, IKT Norge
Kristin Bergersen, Communications Manager, Nordic Innovation
Jørn Wad , Tom Røren & Ellen Øiesvold Palsén, Teknologiske Nyheter
Tawfiq Shams, Business Developement Manager, Additive Manufacturing
Jasmina Hafizovic Cavka, Research Manager, SINTEF
Vince Hagen & Amit Agrawal, Principal Engineer IIOT Hardware
Nordic Association of Bioplastic
Pelle Andersson,  RobotNorge, value provider partner to ABB






Check out more activities on the show!

We are proud to present a real future features on the show! We offer exclusive 10 visitors the 
opportunity to become true digital early adopters by receiving chip implants free of charge 
(value of SEK 1500).* The chip will be inserted in the soft part of your hand and is completely 
safe to wear in the body. Contact us for more information and to reserve your time for chipping

We invite you to a conference with focus on additive manufacturing. Together with the industry experts we're taking a holistic approach on 3D-print where you'll get valuable information within the 3D-prints profits. You'll get examples on how 3D-print is being used and we discuss questions regarding investment strategies, materials, contructions and quality control. Read the full conference programme here

Test drive sports car with Autoxo. Autoxo, Norway's leading dealer of super sports cars, will be at the show with the latest in raw performance. There will be a test run of these and the opportunity to explore the details and the technique behind these speed-offs. 


We invite you, your collegues and customers to mingle with us. The first day of the show ends with a pleasant VIP-mingle in the lobby. You will be served snack and beverage. Free of charge and no notice required, just show up!

Date: September 20 2017
Time: 4.30pm-6pm
Where: In the lobby of X Meeting Point

Pictures from Advanced Engineering in Gothenburg 8-9 March 2017

Leif Östling
Volvo drive me
Inission award