X Meeting Point
Oslo, Norway
20 - 21/09/2017

Focus on additive manufacturing together with 3dp Norway.

On 20th of September we invite you to a conference with focus on how the industry can work with additive manufacturing. 

Together with the industry experts we're taking a holistic approach on 3D-print where you'll get valuable information within the 3D-prints profits. You'll get examples on how 3D-print is being used and we discuss questions regarding investment strategies, materials, contructions and quality control. 

Participate in this conference and get inspired to a smarter and more efficiant manufacturing.


The seminar programme is updated continiously with several exciting lecturer. 

Oliver Barrowclough

Workflow and design software for additiv production

CAxMan – Computer Aided Technologies for Additve Manufacturing is aimed at analysis based design for additiv manufacturing. CAxMan developes shooting services aimed at design and simulation within additive production. The lecture will focus on CAxMan results so far and further plans in CAxMan.

Speaker: Dr. Oliver Barrowclough, Research Scientist, SINTEF Digital

Knut richard kvisterud

Addform – 3d-printing for injection molding. 

The main goal with the project  «AddForm» is to develop robust and innovative methods for using additive (3D print) injection molding so that customers with such shapes can reduce costs and time spent in product development, and also use such shapes in relevant small series production.

Speaker: Knut Richard Kviserud, Developing Manager, AS OM BE Plast

Didrik Sörlie

3D-printing of metal parts

Tronrud Engineering has for several years been in the process of 3D printing in metal and has during the last years made major investments in printing advanced parts and components in titanium, steel, aluminiun and inconell. Didrik Sørlie is a trained stockbroker and a daily AM operator at Tronrud Engineering. He explains what experiences they have been doing since 2011, and what the prerequisites for successful 3D printing of metal parts.

Speaker: Didrik Sørlie

Ole Stromstad Gunnar Ostensen

Models, prototypes and casting on Nordic 3D

  • 3D-printing then and now. The development of new manufacturing methods and industry use.
  • How to use in deisgn, architecture, sp segment and verification.
  • Prototypes for use in place of plain fabrication, casting, 2-component or injection molding.
  • Materials, plastics, gypsum and foodstuff approved.

                                          Speaker: Ole Strømstad, General mManager, and Odd Gunnar Østensen, Chairman, Nordic 3D

Matt Jones

3d printed jigs, fixtures and tooling

Some of the most used tools in manufacturing can easily be 3d printed. Jigs and fixtures are traditionally manufactured in metal, but by 3d printing them in plastic on an inhouse 3d printer, you not only save valuable time, but you also cut costs that rapidly will give you a good ROI.

Speaker: Matt Jones, Stratasys