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Oslo, Norway
20 - 21/09/2017

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ShortLink is a Swedish company with a strong customer focus. We help our customers/clients to develop energy efficient electronics for wireless communication and portable products. Over the years we have engineered a number of electronic designs that make up the backbone of many successful products.

We have a top notch, unique hardware knowledge that in combination with a solid software competence often make us a preferred partner in development projects. We have a wide knowledge base for designing a broad variety of customized protocols as well as standard technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi. We also have more than 20 years of experience of ASIC design and implementation.

At ShortLink we have our own Test Center, where we offer both EMC and radio testing. With our roots in wireless communication, we have designed the test facility for the requirements of developing and measuring complex radio systems and small built-in antennas. Combined with our expertise in troubleshooting and developing remedies quickly and effectively, we can always help you find competitive solutions. We have substantial expertise in certification requirements and regulatory issues, and can support you through the entire development and testing process up to certification and product launch.