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Oslo, Norway
20 - 21/09/2017

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ACT Logimark AS

ACT Logimark AS



ACT Logimark AS is part of the ACT Group, which is a supplier of machines, equipment and system solutions for marking, traceability and control of products and packaging to companies in Scandinavia.

ACT Logimark AS is partner of GS1 Norway Smart Centre, which is an inspiring, but also challenging environment, that keeps us curious and sharp. We always seek solutions that are innovative, simple and standarized.

Ownership and product range
ACT Group is a Norwegian company established in 1990 by engineer Kjell Erik Mathiesen who is the general manger (CEO) of ACT Group.

ACT Group has a solid product range and solid competence. ACT Group supplies equipment and solutions to every branch. The delivery program includes standard solutions and tailor made solutions for different branches. Common for all solutions is s clear demand for high functionality, low running costs and simple maintenance.

ACT Group development department
ACT Group develop equipment and solutions for different branches or tailor made for one particular customer. ACT Group development team consist of well-qualified and experienced personnel of hardware and software. The development of ACT RoboPrint, an automatic solution for automatic marking of carcasses on a slaughter lines using and ink jet printer and food graded ink; - is a good example of the ACT Group development competence. ACT LogiFlow developed by the ACT Software team; a “platform software” that has made solutions for e.g. data capture, data communication, control and traceability a lot more simple for many customers and branches.

ACT Group Team
ACT Group has a sales department and a technical department. ACT Group works with marketing, sale, deliveries, installations and after sale support in the Scandinavian market. ACT Group represents some of the largest and most well know manufacturing companies, and has its own production of labels (Denmark) and label printers (Taiwan) and carbon ribbons for all printers (Japan)

ACT Group Slogan
ACT group is an innovative company, always quick to implement “last generation” technology. The company slogan is: Innovative Solutions.

ACT Group is well economically established and is always prepared to evaluate new products and solutions relevant to the company’s core business.