Supporting smart products innovation

From idea to proof of concept


Thursday 23rd of May 14h30-16h


Kris Van de Voorde 


1) imec's methodology for system-level


Innovation means taking risks, both in terms of business and technology. The risks result from making assumptions that may or may not prove to be accurate. Imec's Innovation Services department has developed an innovation management methodology for identifying and validating these assumptions. The methodology takes organisations from the broad contours of what an innovation may entail to a working prototype, on which further productization can be built.  In this talk, the methodology will be discussed with example projects as well as the digital tools that support the different constituating processes.


Tanguy Coenen

Leader of imec‘s software application prototyping team (APT), which focuses on innovation at the system level. 

Olivier 3

Olivier Rits


Program manager of imec.livinglabs, where he is responsible for shaping and implementing the range of services, partnerships and go2market strategy.


2) Sharing knowledge for a wireless future


In this talk, we present a snapshot of recent innovations in wireless technology that enable smart and intuitive IoT applications.

  • Ultra-low power long-range wireless connectivity enable install-and-forget IoT devices.
  • New high-resolution in-door localisation techniques can be used to deliver the right service, to the right person, at the right location.
  • Smart miniaturized radar modules enable non-intrusive people and object detection and classification. 

Imec’s Wireless Community helps local companies in following up these rapid evolutions in wireless technology. Technical experts from industry, academia and innovation partners join our regular workshops, packed with presentations and live-demonstrations of the latest innovations. We briefly explain how your organization can join our Wireless Community initiative.




Kris Hermus


Innovation program manager Flanders in the Impact Flanders division.

3) Smart Product Development: "The shift Left"


Smartness everywhere implies electronics everywhere and an increasing level of product complexity. A recent study of the Aberdeen Group
1 showed that in the last two years the number of mechanical components, of electrical components and of lines of software in electronics design have increased with respectively 14%, 21% and 34%.  In dealing with the challenges of electronics design for the Smart World Multi-domain Product Co-Development and “the Shift Left” methodology are essential. The latter assures that aspects like manufacturability and reliability as well as performance analysis are handled as early as possible in the design cycle (left-side). This presentation explains the challenges of the design of Smart Products and a “smart way” to address them.


Geert Willems


Manager and consultant imec’s Center for Electronics Design & Manufacturing.